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Like you're not able to connect at all, or that you can connect, but then get disconnected while playing?

It may be a server issue. The game is still in very early access, I'm frequently updating stuff and sometimes it breaks things.

I've fixed the turrets.

Infinite map size is coming later.


I'll see if I can get the listing back up in ranking by my own effort, but it would be nice if I could get some help with it seeing as this issue was not on my end.

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Following up because Itch support doesn't give a crap about their clients and won't get back to me.

I removed the original file and created a new one manually which seemed to fix the problem for now.

However, by deleting the original download, it also removed all the exposure (views, plays, downloads) the game had been getting, and as a result the game has dropped from top 10-20 in the HTML multiplayer section to several pages down (about #66) now..

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My updates stopped working about a month ago and I haven't noticed until now. I'm using butler for automatic builds. I've also verified that the latest build is distributed correctly. The latest builds are set to be displayed on the page (, but for some reason it's using an old version. This is a multiplayer game so it's essential that it's running the latest version to connect correctly to the official server.

As a result of this my browser plays have tanked: 

Thanks for reporting this issue.

I'll be debugging this, but it would be good if I could get some more information from you:

  • Is it still broken?
  • Can you try in incognito / without browser extensions or in another browser and see if it works?
  • Does it break the game entirely?
  • Are there any developer console errors or failed web requests showing?

Sick. Get hyped for spike blocks, then your zombie farm will be really efficient.

This demo was a couple of months work. Just by myself.

Expanding it into what it's turning into that you can see on the Discord channel has been a process of over 2 years.

You click on the item you want to buy. It should go into your inventory.

I'm currently working on a new version of the game which will be a massive improvement, go check the discord for updates:

Yes, there are some bugs that cause the server to crash.

I'm working on fixing this...

The server should restart automatically eventually if it stops working.

Sorry, this is fixed now. The server stopped working.

Oh nice, that's a cool idea. There actually is a big zombie enemy, but it doesn't show up until wave 3 or something. But I'll make it knock you back further.

I'm loving the assets and backdrops.

Not a fan of the tiled textures though.