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This is great, just a bunch of good ideas, neat characters, dangerous tools, story hooks and world building.

i just printed this out - it's a good time.  I really enjoy the "Accomplices" section, as well as the titular thief's "Gear" section.

Entries have been meaningfully expanded from the transcription up on with helpful additional thoughts and touching illustrations.  There’s added context for the start and end of their journey both in the “small” sense of crossing an ocean, as well as the grander projects of their work and home.  In most ways this is not a pleasant journey, but the lovely illustrations of Pino and their adventures plus notations of daily progress blunt even the most harrowing moments.  It’s really excellent reading, and I’m grateful for the extra work Hundred Rabbits has put into this edition.

I recall that one of the earlier Donsol editions had something like "levels."  By successfully playing through a deck of dungeon rooms the deck was reshuffled and the difficulty increased by +1 ATK for every enemy, but buffing the player with +1 HP.  It let the player feel like they'd advanced a little bit after completing a deck, and although the challenge was still all RNG, it was always nice to get a few rooms through the tougher level.  I'd be entertained to see that mechanic added to the Assembly/NES version if you had the time and inclination or if it felt worthwhile to anyone else.

I'm looking for a list of keyboard controls for the NES version of Donsol.  There's nothing obvious in the Readme or the instruction booklet apart from the NES controller key.  The emulator I'm using (Mensen) allows for some intuitive substitutions on a PS4 Dual Shock controller.  An inclusion of keyboard controls in the instruction booklet would be ideal, but maybe it's the emulator that determines the keyboard controls?  FWIW "J" on the keyboard is "B" on the NES, and "K" converts to the NES "A" in the Mensen emulator I'm using.

BACH: a natural fit for blasting robots with lasers.  Thank you!

This 38 yo human was up past midnight throwing cubes into brick towers to collapse them.  It’s weirdly satisfying, and I really enjoy it a lot.  Thank you!

Another RPS referral here- WHAT is that song playing at the end?  It sounds like a classical tune but I'm terrible with names.  The bosses were pretty fun: A+ chopper battle.  I enjoyed the lead-up to it with repeated futile encounters ratcheting up tension before the showdown.

I’m a zine creator who would also love to have revenue splitting for writers/illustrators/editors on projects.  i’ve been mulling over using leanpub just for that feature, but I really would like to stick with itch.

Printed and folded the A4, it works.

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Feb 25 updated some spelling errors, added an A4 format PDF.

it's still fun, and the islands are still darling

I'm not a big social media sharer, but I've had a couple hours of fun over the past few days playing this and making little maps.  It's darling, thanks for releasing it.  Beaches FTW.  Also you seem to have my father's title, first, and last name which gives me a giggle.  

I'm glad I got to play through this one.  Several of the social events you depict speak to experiences I've had myself, and I'm happy to see your depiction of them here.  Good luck with all your work going forward. 

If you select LOAD, then click on the small CLOCK icon you'll be able to RESTORE from earlier moments within a save file.  This may allow you to progress past this point from a previous location.  I've used it once or twice after encountering bugs on round 6 of Beta testing.  Starting from a new save also smooths out some hiccups, but requires that you restart from the beginning of the game.  I also did this a couple of times.