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Benjamin Halko

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Only this game is blind accessible. The game's main premise of "limiting your vision at night" made it easy to make a blind accessible version.

Sure, go ahead!

Thank you! :D I am glad you enjoyed it!


Thank you!

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If you want to see more of my games, check out my page!


Thanks for playing! Sorry about the sadness...

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Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

Quick question, what version of Linux are you using?


Yes I did!

Wow! Thanks so much for playing + commenting! It means alot! I might actually look into working on this game again if I have some free time!

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Whenever I have the delete keyword in an event and try to use GMLive, it says that there is an error: "Expected a statement, got ident".

This code produces the error:

/// @desc Test Logic
if(live_call()) return live_result;
function test() constructor {
    testWord = "hello";
testObject = new test();
delete testObject;

While this code does not:

/// @desc Test Logic
if(live_call()) return live_result;
function test() constructor {
    testWord = "hello";
testObject = new test();
//delete testObject;

IDE Version: 2022.5.1.16

Runtime Version: 2022.5.2.13

The cave level was the best!

Truly a masterpiece!

Thanks so much!

Glad I could help!

It is indeed an original idea!

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I added more accessible menus! You have to download the blind accessible Linux version though and you also have to install espeak using:

sudo apt-get install espeak

I hope you enjoy!

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Ok I think I fixed the error. As for accessibility for the menu, I am currently working on it.

Thanks for submitting the bug report! I hope you enjoy the game.

I made a rhythmic arcade game for Gamemaker's Notice-Me game jam! The theme was "The night changed everything"!

Here's the link if anyone wants to play it (Windows / Linux):

You can also play the web version if you have OperaGX:


Randomize the 12 Days of Christmas

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It's basically what if MS-Paint turned evil.

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So I am creating my own 3D engine in Gamemaker studio 2.

I am having trouble figuring out the math for how to change an objects position and size depending on it's "z" position.

This is the math I have right now:

scale = z/camera_width

xOffset = (x - (cameraX+cameraWidth/2))*scale

yOffset = (y-cameraY)*scale

xDraw = x*(scale+1)+xOffset

yDraw = y*(scale+1)+yOffset

xScale = scale+1

yScale = scale+1

(xDraw / yDraw is where to draw the object and xScale / yScale is the size of the object)

This is the video showing how it doesn't work:

What I basically need is a way to turn X,Y,Z variables in to X,Y and Size variables.

If you know the formula in order to make that work it would be greatly appreciated.


OK! :)

I am sorry, I don't have a version of the game that specifically has faults. Thanks for testing the game though! Once I get around to making some credits, I will make sure to put your name in the testers section!

Thanks for the feedback.

I am currently trying to add better visuals.

As for the music, I am not good a making music. The music in the game is a placeholder until I find someone to make music for me.

I have recently finished working on my game Among the Stars. It is about wall jumping and exploration. Before I completely finish the game I need some people to test it. If you want to test it out you can download it for FREE here:

Yes that is great!

Hello! I have made a game about wall jumping and exploration. You can download it here

There are probably some errors that I didn't catch, so if you are interested in testing the game then I will put your name in the credits.

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Caelan's Adventure is a game I am making for my 9 year old cousin who has autism. This game is meant to help him learn about read, writing, and math in a fun way while also learning about the basics of a platformer.

You can play the game for FREE here:

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A game where you move automatically and the only where to turn around is to wall jump!

Play the game for FREE here: