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Hey Linus,

glad you like the game, sorry you are having issues with your gamepads though... As I just replied below to Trekiej, could you also get in touch with me via email (benitosub at


Hey Trekiej,

sorry for the super late reply, somehow I did not get a notification that a new comment was posted :( I will get in touch with Daniel and check back with you, do you think you could email at benitosub at


Hey Trekiej,

I wasn't aware of this particular issue (the previous updates addressed a flickering issue in some specific screen-modes and another issue specific to the AROS version).

Could you contact me by email (benitosub at with your configuration, OS, and a description of the problem? I will forward it to Daniel and hopefully we can get it fixed ASAP so you can enjoy the experience you paid for!

Sorry for the inconvenience :(

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Hey thfr,

well the original PC / Mac version is written in c++ around SDL 2 which conveniently has a Linux port, so that's mainly what I'm basing the Linux version around. Last I heard SDL 2's OpenBSD support was pretty broken, but that was a couple of years ago.

Soooo... maybe ^_^#?

Yes Daniel did an amazing job and this version would definitely not exist without him!

Thank you so much for the kind words! The reaction has been nothing short of amazing, I can't explain how uplifting it is to read comments like these. I don't think I can even make another game without having an Amiga version ^_^#

Thank you so much for buying it! There will be a boxed edition later on (it was one of our Kickstarter reward tiers), hopefully we will eventually be able to offer it to everyone (the Diesel bottle is a great idea by the way, never would've thought of that)

Awesome! I have to say meeting Daniel was a real blessing, he's done an amazing job ^_^#

Sadly not :(

Thank you for buying it! Fingers crossed that you will like it :)

Thank you for buying it! If I'm somehow able to carry on as an indie dev I would love to bring more games to the system(s) ^_^#

Glad you like it!

Right now it's just digital, but we do have a boxed version planned as a reward for some of our Kickstarter backers.

Thanks! Even though Daniel gets 100% credit for the Amiga version, it's still a dream come true for 10-year-old me :)

Thanks! It's certainly been a wild ride.

Hey everyone!

So I guess this is a bit unusual, but I have just released a game called Tower 57 for modern Amiga OS flavors. It's a Chaos-Engine-inspired twin stick shooter with gorgeous pixel art, and it runs on AOS, MorphOS, and AROS!

The itch page is :

And you can watch a little trailer over on YouTube: