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Benjamin Turner

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I thought it stood for Mexico? Or more accurately their departure from Mexico? 

One of the facts I got for california was 'It's lone star represents Texas' which is wrong but I think it's just a glitch

This was a really cool idea! I would  have liked to see a bit more of an introduction (Like maybe the walls get introduced after you eat 5 red things?).

Thanks for the feedback :)

Super Relaxing!


Like the parade from Paprika

Deffs not the first person to have this idea but shirts n merch would be awesome!
Like a t-shirt or a bag with the itch logo or even the li' 404 error skeleton character would be cool.
Even  a super cool idea might even be like chuck the idea out to the community n do a comp or commission type thing for the designs.
EIther way, keen to support the platform beyond just including a cut of game sales and this might be a cool idea.

The best part of this game was letting it compile a gallery based on hard drive & seeing screen shots & pictures i'd taken from years ago and forgotten about. Put a great big smile on my face :)

We need to update this

G U  D J A M E A N D Y

apparently the clit is in the belly button... i've been sexing wrong my entire leif

doug is a great doug fixer. gets all those dougs right out of the game.