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This has been fixed.

The art is awesome. Interesting concept for an idle game. Three points of improvement: 1. I couldn't figure out the consequences of my actions. Why am I throwing atoms into space? Why am I building a sun? etc. 2. There was a point (before I'd even unlocked galaxies) where my atom production seemed to spiral into infinity. I could never buy enough stuff to run out of resources. It is fine for a short idle game like this, but for a much larger idle game the scaling would need to be fixed. 3. I found the beginning of the game to be rather slow and the ending to be rather fast. Typically idle games follow the opposite trend in order to hook in the player initially. You may want to rebalance the pace at which your player is required to perform actions throughout the lifecycle of your game. Overall, this was a really fun game jam submission! Great work!

So I've taken a look at a couple games now and it seems like other people are having this error. I think perhaps it is happening to WebGL builds from newer versions of Unity (personally I am using 2020.1.6f1).  When you build and run the game it works perfectly fine. However, when you upload the game to it will never finish loading. I was able to fix this error by going to Project Settings -> Player -> Publishing Settings  and setting 'compression format' to 'Disabled'. I hope this helps someone upload their game to Itch (although sadly it won't be fixed in time for judging).

The game does not load. I had the same problem and couldn't fix it in time. I managed to fix it by going to Project Settings -> Publishing and turning off compression. Pretty annoying. Sorry 

SMH. Spent all morning trying to upload a working WebGL build but kept getting errors that only appeared when uploaded to Itch. Finally got a build that worked on Itch but sadly I can't update my game submission. Tis a sad moment. Next time I'll have to start submitting earlier.

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How do I check if my game was uploaded?

Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out. For anyone who is interested goto Dashboard->Game Jams. You should be able to see your submission there.

Hi everyone,

I am hoping to get some feedback on my first major game: Pencil vs. Eraser - a top-down shooter where you play as an eraser fighting evil pencil doodles. If you're interested, you can watch the trailer here:, and download the game for free on here:

Thanks everyone,


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Hi everyone,

I've been working full-time on Pencil vs. Eraser for the past 4 months. In this top-down shooter you play as an eraser fighting off evil pencil doodles. Check out the trailer below. If it looks interesting, you can download the game for free here: