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Incredible!!!! The time slow on the typing was super cool, and I love how that ties into the theme of the game. Your prompts ended up provoking some pretty thoughtful answers and intense emotions. It was an experience, for sure, so I agree that it's a nice idea to only play it once and take some time to reflect why recalling and writing about those things made you feel the way it did. Beautiful work!!

Lots of fun! I'm a sucker for puzzle-y platformers, and this one really has the sauce! The mechanics is easy to understand but tricky to master, and the level design does a great job of testing your abilities. I felt really clever when I found the secret path on the last level :)

My one piece of criticism would be that walljumping could be pretty inconsistent at times. I had to wait a little bit after moving towards the wall before I could jump.

This one's a lot of fun! I love the art style and the music is great. Building up my floating fortress felt really nice, and I felt devastated whenever one of my buildings died. My main criticism would be that it's really easy to run into the level boundaries since they're not marked at all, and I have no idea what the scrolls do after a few playthroughs. Overall, super solid submission! 8.5/10

This game is so good! A dead-simple concept that gets hard fast without being frustrating. Glad the guy who inspired the jam had such success on his entry! :)

Obligatory self-promotion: Near-Field Gladiator

I really got a kick out of this GS:GO toxic chat simulator:

Hi, CoalFire! Thanks so much for the feedback and for showcasing my game on your channel! It's honestly a surreal experience to have somebody make a Let's Play of a game that I made. I'm glad you like the premise, and I'll be sure to take your input into account as I continue working on this project :)