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You're welcome!


Very cute and cozy! I loved all the different backgrounds; I especially liked how the tower changes throughout the game.


I'm not sure if I can help with this one. Are you using the installer? I know you can extract the files from the .lzh folder with 7zip, but I'm not sure if you have access to that program.

Hmmm, well, at times it seemed like the "WEAK" and "RESIST" icons would trigger at random. I remember one enemy (maybe it was a boss?) where a character was using a thunder-powered weapon against it, but while it showed the "WEAK" icon, no damage was being displayed. I hope this helps!

Just finished this; it was really good! I really loved the world you created in this game, full of crumbling ruins and people who had lost hope. I especially loved how many secrets you packed into it; I always love exploring RPG worlds. On the negative side, battles seemed to drag on in the latter half of the game, and the enemy weaknesses/resistances seemed glitchy at times, but overall it was a lot of fun!

"Living Nightmare" by Blue Wave Theory. You should be able to listen to it here.


Do you not see a blue button labeled "download" right above the comments section?

Thanks for the answer! I doubt I'll be able to make more than one, but at least I don't feel "locked in" to one idea.

Are we allowed to make more than one game for Ectocomp? And if so, are we limited to just making one game each for Petit Morte and Grand Guginol, or can we make as many within reason?

Super cool!

This was such a cool Bitsy!

What seems to be the problem?

Click the button with the three dots to the right of the filepath (the string of text that starts with "C:/" or "C¥" in this case), and it should take you to a box where you can select where you want the game installed. If that doesn't work, you can try extracting the game files (in Yummy Breakfast.lzh) with a program like 7zip, if you have it. I hope this helps!

It's weird that button wouldn't work. Have you tried changing the installation path? Maybe that would help.

I'm sorry about that. What problems are you having?

Thanks! I hope to have the full game ready soon, too!

Thank you!

Thanks! I'm not sure what's causing the issues you're having; you might try asking someone on the RPG Maker web boards.


This was very moving! I hope peace comes to Ukraine soon.

This was hard! I had a fun time with it, though!

Excellent game! I especially liked the pixel graphic cut-ins you made!

Neat game! It did feel a bit rough around the edges, though; for example, I felt like the run speed you start the game with was a bit too slow, and if you collect enough powerups, controlling at that speed quickly becomes frustrating. I bet if you polished this, you'd have a great game on your hands!

Yo, I used this resource (along with Aoto's) in my game I'm Tryin' to Get the High Score, but My Normie Boyfriend Just Wants a Regular Date With Me! It turned out very nice, and I would definitely use more of your graphics again!

This was really cool! I loved how you portrayed Magnolia's relationship with her son. And Mint's journal entries were really cute, too! I wish you added more descriptions to the objects around the house, but all in all this is a really neat game!

Pretty good! All the traits and such were very flavorful.

Thank you!

This was really neat! I love the little block-pushing puzzle you made.

You're welcome!

Thank you!


This is so pretty!

Thank you!

You're welcome!

You can just click the "Download" button below the description! The game only works on Windows, though.

Thank you!