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Like I said on discord, dope as hell. 

Nice narrative and pixel art !!!

All it would've needed, to me, is sound and a good ending or something to congratulate the player who saw through the lie :)

Shucks, thank you so much, that's the nicest compliment you could've made! With a concept this basic we tried to polish it as much as we could. Most sounds we put in the game were found while digging in 's free sound assets library !

:/ we weren't planning on making a controller-less version of the game (that would be sort of counter-intuitive) because of time constraints, and because it would've meant making a strikingly different variant of the game (new input configurations, new "level design", etc) !

We might make a PS controller version of the game if people like it, though :)

Hi !
Gradus is a student project still in the making, but we're still working on it. That being said, all three of us here were absolutely psyched by your commentary. Thank you so much for featuring us in your Let's Play !