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thx will try it ^_^

easy peasy game really enjoyable and fun ^_^ hope you like the video ^_^

can you help me adjust it's resolution to 1280x1024 ?? it like zoomed in when i play there is a lot of things my screen can't show .

how can i adjust the resolution to 1280x1024

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is it full and functional ?? it's out of resolution on my pc .. my monitor is 1280x1024 

and the controls XD only movement and enter work

i really enjoyed it ^_^ i hope there is more

i love this game can't wait for a full version ^_^
hope you like my game play

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GG ^_^ i hope you would add another ending ..  

thx for replying 😄 and thx a lot for mentioning the reason to the problem i had .. it really put my mind at rest 😂

hope you like it ^_^ i enjoyed it to the max it's so smooth and simple .. i loved it <3

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How do i kill this grey demon dude xD ??

and huge respect for thanking your mom <3 <3 

well i'm waiting for the second part XD

this game is so creative .. finally something new ^_^ thx for this awesome game 

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This could be (( the )) cool one ^_^ 

i liked it but it needs more ^_^

thx ^_^ it was an Honor to play it ^_^

a really cute game and for the space of it XD 1 mb that's the best thing ever .. and for ther rating 5 out of 5 ^_^ 

hope you like the video 

great game ^_^ it's a brief representation of what developing does to you xD 

the best thing about it is it won't take much of your time ^_^

so did you like it xD


this game <3 <3 better than minecraft 100%

a piece of art ^_^ hope you like my video :)


Evolve reminded me of spore .. same concept totally different experience ^_^ i've pladed for 1.5 hours no rest XD

hope you enjoy my game play

the game is too dark and on 640 resolution is even darker but the environment and the game play as you described is awesome but if we can't see it then it won't mean anything ..

this is the game you want XDXD

this game is what you need

this is AWESOME

Created a new topic Watch me Pee my pants :'( XDXD

this game environment is terrifying .. the music the sounds the art and the graphics is a piece of art you won't belive it's indie ^_^ ^_^ hope you will like my video :)

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THAT ENDING :') thanks for the game ^_^ hope you like my video :)

thank you for making it ... and please keep making more ^_^

THIS GAME.....IS AWESOME it just need's someone with long breath XDXD

Created a new topic spooky 0_0

watch my video it's a small piece of the game https://youtu.be/6S1WJkF1ZdI

this game is sooooooooo dooooope XD good jop making it ^_^ the menu music is awesooooooooome and it's so fun to play check me out and be gentle XDXD

this game is something ^_^ a bit scary and have the perfect game play time ...at least for me XD watch me video

it worked thx ^_^

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thx i tried go to hallway it worked i'll try that next time

how to get out of the kitchen ? or the living room ???????? plzzzzzz XD