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stay strong buddy <3 

love the art style .. it's smooth and fun ^_^ 

i enjoyed the Boss fight ^_^ nice game 

wow i'm amazed <3 

damn that was awesome ^_^

i enjoyed it <3 it has a really high potential ^_^ every thing about it is perfect .. i  wish you the best of luck with the full game ... i hope you like the video 

XD lol i thought there is a way to win XD i

damn that was a mind #$%@ XD it was very amusing to play although it took me a lot of time ^_^ thanks for this awesome game 

a really good one i really enjoyed it 

damn that was scary XD

(1 edit)

i feel in love with it ... if only i had someone to play it with :'( 

it was awesome nice art nice soundtrack .. nice everything ^_^ 

hope you like the video 

thanx ^_^

OH lil pump is jealous XD

thatnk you and again PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE change the sound track XD

i loved it ^_^ 

i liked it ^_^ there is just a bug when i click on woody for example it gives me Dry cell .. who is next to him . 

it was win 8.1 i recorded with OBS my monitor is 1280x1024

wow that was something else i really enjoyed the mixed personalities in the characters ^_^ .. waiting for the full game 

man .. it's awesome i got the chills  from the freakn doll XD

that was a very intersting game ^_^ i really liked how it broke the forth wall and yet it's very enjoyable ^_^ i'll make sure to play the other games that you guys made as well :)

i really enjoyed it ^_^ thanks for this awesome game :)

thx will try it ^_^

easy peasy game really enjoyable and fun ^_^ hope you like the video ^_^

can you help me adjust it's resolution to 1280x1024 ?? it like zoomed in when i play there is a lot of things my screen can't show .

how can i adjust the resolution to 1280x1024

is it full and functional ?? it's out of resolution on my pc .. my monitor is 1280x1024 

and the controls XD only movement and enter work

i love this game can't wait for a full version ^_^
hope you like my game play

GG ^_^ i hope you would add another ending ..  

thx for replying 😄 and thx a lot for mentioning the reason to the problem i had .. it really put my mind at rest 😂

hope you like it ^_^ i enjoyed it to the max it's so smooth and simple .. i loved it <3

well i'm waiting for the second part XD

this game is so creative .. finally something new ^_^ thx for this awesome game 

thx ^_^ it was an Honor to play it ^_^

a really cute game and for the space of it XD 1 mb that's the best thing ever .. and for ther rating 5 out of 5 ^_^ 

hope you like the video 

great game ^_^ it's a brief representation of what developing does to you xD