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hope you like it ^_^ i enjoyed it to the max it's so smooth and simple .. i loved it <3

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This is a fun video, thank you for playing and having a good time!

We're sorry the Q-Space issue ruined the experience for you (especially since you played so well otherwise)! This may happen because of the way your particular keyboard is designed: most keyboards have a limit of the amount of keys that can be pressed at once, but the limit and particular keys that can lock each other out differ between manufacturers and models. We tried to choose the keys that would work in most cases (that's also the reason there are 4 fingers: 5 wouldn't work for too many people), but it looks like that didn't work for you. Thanks again for enjoying the game anyway!


thx for replying 😄 and thx a lot for mentioning the reason to the problem i had .. it really put my mind at rest 😂