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Done! Sorry and thank you. 

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Super hard game. really. You have to bounce on all the birds at the right time. Takes lots of reflexes and hand-eye coordination! See how high you can score.  

Yes. It loads pretty quickly on my small computer. 

It tries to load but gets stuck forever:

Thank you. Will allow me to create two separate game pages for the same game?

If I have flash and HTML5 versions of my game, should I upload both versions to the same game website or create two different games on ?

Good point. I agree about the basic stuff like a pause menu and leaderboard. Gonna work on adding those in there. Honestly I think it needs different enemies, different bosses and more obstacles to dodge. I’m also working on putting in a Shoryuken as forward, forward + bounce.

I’ve also got an android version on mobile that you can try out if you like. I think the controls there are pretty innovative and it’s really where the game shines. You can find it here if you’re interested:

Thanks for the feedback!

Hey gravelblock! 

Thanks for taking the time to write. I will experiment with using the bounce down as trigger on release. Thanks for that suggestion. In the mean time I have changed the text and removed “for high skill players.”

Thanks for the feedback about visuals! I put a lot of love into them. What do you think the game needs most right now? 

Hey all! I could use some feedback on the control system for my game, particularly the special moves. Thanks!

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Bounce on things until they explode in this fast-paced, bouncy brawler with wild special moves and a super high skill cap.

You've done a lot of innovative things here. I love the feel of the combat and being able to choose different weapons. It's difficult to tell when shooting will give me some air and when it will not, though. I also think this game is tailor-made for mobile. It would need a few adjustments, but it could really appeal to the hyper-casual market, which is big right now. It  has more robust gameplay and better game feel than many of the mobile games out there. 

Ok, so I've got some feedback for you. The first thing which stands out about this game is the music. I mean WOW! I was compelled to stop at the menu screen and just pause and listen to the music before playing. This reminded me of old school RPGs that do the same thing. This was beautifully done on your part, and helped me to remain engaged in the game. The awesome music continued into the gameplay portion of the game, which also helped to keep me further engaged. The abilities are great and fun to use. The only problem was exploration. I didn't enjoy looking for crystals at all. In fact, I enjoyed the combat much more. I would love to engage with more enemies and forget about finding crystals. Or rather, I wouldn't mind looking for crystals so much if it wasn't so annoying to do so. That's really why I quit - the crystal part was annoying. But anyway, you have done a masterful job with the music and creating a sense of atmosphere. I also love the unique character model and abilities. 

I love the visuals. I agree that the intro was a bit too long.