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I really like this asset pack as it is very rare to see Godot themes, I hope you do some more. One thing that would be very nice though is if you were to put your theme(s) in some sort of organized folder strucuture. I would suggest something like:

res://Deakcor/FuturisticTheme/<all files here>

That would make it very easy to copy your theme to different projects without conflicts and also if you do release more theme packs later when copied into the same project there would be no conflicts.

As it stands I ended up having to open your godot project, copy the theme and all files to some subfolder so godot would update references (fonts didnt work), copy over the fonts and update references, then copy it into my own project.

I used this sprite and a bunch of your other monster sprites in one of my games, you can check out the prototype here if you like.

A few things I think would make this pack a lot better:

- Number buttons

- F1 - F12

- Maybe remaining numpad buttons along with numbers?

- Mouse side buttons animations, most mice have at least two side buttons.

- Mouse scroll wheel with up / down / press animation

- Mouse movement. Maybe something like slight wiggle with arrows in all directions. (not sure how to indicate this, but good to show you can aim with mouse)

Personally I am currently using another pack from itch but it lacks mouse which I use for my game, so this pack would defininitely be an alternative if it got some more mouse animations.