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Fantastic game, simple but effective, I love it.

This game is awseomeeee, its like doping :D ! The simple but good idea.

Check out our game, find the lost shoe.  I will rate everyone that rates me too.

I love this game, this was really fun to play this game. on the other hand, for me plane was flying  a bit too fast.

Amazing game, it so smooth, and looks like without bugs. this game is so engaging.

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Hello everyone, I'm student who studies programming. This was my second GameJam in first one i was programming, and in this one I started to draw pixel art. I'm working with small team on virtual reality game that some day maybe will be on steam. I love art and programming I was never thinking that I will create art for games but here I am. We worked in this game jam for full two days with some sleep. I started learning game development because of one event GameOn.  This Game jam idea come from joking about waking up  in messy rom and finding player second shoe. In Lithuania there are people saying, there was two boots, one gone and I cant find it.

Of course you can check my and my friend game as well.

I have dude who can't find shoe, anyone can help him?

Help him at:

Besides this is my first pixel art for games, who drowned first pixel art in this game jam too? 

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Game runs smoothly, great controls and interesting idea. I was finding issue when i wanted pass thru cut trees.

Thanks for  feedback, we really appreciate it.

On my mac is the same problem while I'm using safari, I started game with chrome and it worked perfectly.

Glad you liked the game.

Thank you for feedback, we will think about creating new levels and features, but firstly wee need to fix some bugs.

Nice game, I played several times, some levels are hard but still its fun.

This Game controls is so smooth, game is a little bit hard from beginning but in the end I played and played this game.

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Thank you for feedback we wanted to do it, but time was our enemy.