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thanks! :D

oh! you might be interested in some of my other stuff too, especially for game boy games!

that’s awesome! tysm :D

these are all so well done!!! keep up the good work :D

loving all your work so much! I featured your games in my “Indie GB Halloween” art prompt over the last 2 weeks!



ooooh I’d love a physical copy with the box! :O

same happened to me playing on GBC. not sure if I was playing the latest version tho. I’ll reinstall and see if anything changes!

Awesome game btw!!



This I cannot deny xD Thanks!

omg fantastic job!!

all GB studio games are technically backwards compatible with both GB and GBC consoles, so there may be issue in cases where the design is specifically leveraging color mode features

oh wow this is incredible! will save me a ton of work and head pounding! thanks for your hard work!

even just being 2-3 hours long and having an ending at all is impressive! i’ll check out KENSEI too!

oooh this looks incredible! i love the 1-bit art with the splash of colour, and amazing job creating a full RPG on GB Studio! definitely going to finish this when I get the chance

beautiful! i love the art, and its small but the way she moves from one object to the next feels really nice!

btw if you edit the page to include your LD page, we can find your game and rate it on the official website!

awesome! i’ve never seen moles be so scary before :O the music and sound effects create a tension that really sells the horror of it all!

Live or die is a little bit of a roulette, as any mole that detects you is almost surely bound to kill you, and where you fall into each new floor is random, so you might fall into a horde that gets you outright.

Still fun to play a few times as a game of chance, but I think a better balance between chance and stealth/skill would go a long way!

GB Studio by Chris Maltby!


super cool!

I will, thanks!

some wicked post-punk sounding tracks in here!

Halloween is over and our pumpkin-faced protagonist is out and about during the witching hour recollecting the candy that has been scattered around by the forces of evil. Collect. Survive. Destroy.

This was a fun little project that took me about a week to make. Intended to be a test game to learn the basics of, I ended up commissioning some chiptune music and redressing it to give it a fun little aesthetic. I'm quite happy with the results, and have a few plans to make it even more exciting in the near future!

I hope you all enjoy!

Ahhh this is awesome!

clever puzzles wrapped  in a nice design. Great little game!

ahhhh thank you!

oh this is amazing! 

It's crazy but I finding I'm wanting the option to switch camera settings between rooms :'D The great thing about bitsy tho is that all it's limitations really force me to keep my ideas small and manageable.

keep up the great work!

Gameboy inspired art generator. Spritesheets, portraits, monsters, palettes, all at the touch of a button.

Designed as a tool for mock-ups and prototypes, but is vesatile enough to serve many different purposes.

I've only just started working on this earlier this week so I'm open to all sorts of ideas on how to improve.

Aaaaand if you make anything cool you wanna show off I'd love to see it! You can tag me on twitter or IG @ beachboogeyman

wicked! love this aesthetic