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Brain Touch Games

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DEMO is now available.

Hi guys, I've just released version 1.0 of Beer Drinkin' Terrorist Hunter! Please check it out!

Beer Drinkin' Terrorist Hunter is challenging, fast-paced, 2d shooter. Inspired by games like Wolfenstein 3d, Doom, and Duke Nukem. Fight your way to downtown by collecting and unleashing a full arsenal of 2d weapons. Visit places like the mall, downtown, and a factory. Fight on highways, in warehouses, and on rooftops. Shoot a variety of enemies including bosses.


  • Standard 2d-fps weapons: Pistol, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher and more.
  • One chapter, eight challenging levels that will put your 2d-fps skills to the test.
  • Instead of med-kits, recharge your "BAC" by drinking beer.
  • Increase your resistance to attacks by collecting body armor.
  • Many different enemies to fight, including boss fights.
  • Random terrorist voice pools, with a long list of terrorist "death" sounds.
  • Find keys for locked doors and work toward the level exit.
  • Load/Save functions, with screenshots and auto-save function.
  • Widescreen resolutions are available, but a 4:3 resolution is recommended. (May experience graphical glitches in widescreen.)
  • Sound options including separate sliders for effects and music.
  • Xbox 360 controller, joystick compatible (Keyboard and Mouse recommended)