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You access save points at these torches - once you reach the first one, there's an ingame message to remind you about them.

There aren't really any more control functions aside from arrow keys (or numpad) for movement, enter for confirm, esc for cancel (and to bring up the menu outside battle); apart from running with the shift key.

I hope that helped, please ask if you have further questions.

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Thanks - to be clear, would that be the second scene with Patricia activated at this part of the industrial area?

To progress, after going to the next screen, you'll move to an intersection; the last Meleuma scene is in the area seen after going left, the last Greenhouse scene is in the area after going down.

After doing that, you should be able to access the last optional scene by going back to those three places in the industrial area.

After that's done, you use the flares automatically by progressing past this bridge area - if you haven't done all the optional chimera scenes when you get there, you'll be notified.

I hope that helped, please ask if you have further questions.

Yes, you could only progress through the first chimera fight by dying and picking 'submit'. The rest of the chimera battles don't have the part with the game over menu - the scenes will just progress directly after losing.

Thanks. Ayreen is a woman, so that kind of falls out of scope.

I do agree the age range is pretty narrow - Liesefranche is the oldest character to get CGs, and he's only 42. 

For any future projects in this vein, I do want to have a bit more variety in that regard - none of the guys here have graying hair, for example, and the body types are fairly similar. 

The key for the pause / gallery menu (and backing out of a menu in battle, like going back out of the Skills menu after selecting it) is just Esc. 

There's 7 optional scenes related to those - 6 if you run into the chimeras, and the seventh once they're all done. You can always go back and do them if they've been missed up until a specific point; where you'll be told that something hasn't been completed and asked if you want to continue without doing them or not.

Levels are related to that - they're not really used for anything game-wise, but after each encounter it lowers; with the final extra scene available once it falls to 10.

Are you using the current version of the game? The 28/06/19 version and later shouldn't have that problem.

If you are using the current version of the game and still have that problem, please tell me exactly what you did beforehand to help in identifying the issue.

Sorry for the delay - that's finally been revised as of the 30-07-19 version, with the balls on the last two stages being removed on the next attempt once you return.

Thanks for all the feedback, and apologies for the inconvenience.

No, that's just how it was written - suddenly changing languages at that point was just done to reinforce the fact that Orris there is just part of Iustirho's extended hallucination as the chimera becomes stable; while Aztargal, Zasaroja and the rest of the chimeras are actually speaking to him and not imagined.

The menu is accessed through the 'esc' key - you can't save through it, however; you need to access the save points at these torches. Once you reach the first one, there's an ingame message to remind you about them.

Thanks - it's always amazing hearing that at least some of what the game tried to do worked for someone.

A body pillow pattern honestly is pretty possible, but you'd probably have to wait for a little while for everyone to be free to do it, assuming it'd be human Iustirho on one side and his alternate form on the other...

A similar question was asked by 'glyic' below - did any part of that response help with your issues with that section? If it's causing that much frustration, then it'll be looked at for future revisions.

The balls in the very last part are supposed to disappear on the next try if you get hit by them, I need to make sure that's actually happening. Other than that, the paths don't overlap, so you can usually get by just by standing in one spot and moving immediately as one passes you - in addition, the very last one can be bypassed by walking on the stone balcony, but people sometimes miss that because it uses a different tile.

Do you mean the part in the square where there's a comment made about the evacuation of the city?

You're not supposed to go in that direction at this point, instead you need to continue by going down to the bottom of the canals.

But thank you for the additional detail, I'll try to see what makes going in that order cause this issue.

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That's for the last optional chimera scene - if you've done all the others (3 for Meleuma, 2 for Patricia, 3 for the Greenhouse), she appears in multiple screens in the industrial area to trigger it.

However, as a note, versions prior to the current release (16/07/19) had an issue that sometimes occurred when triggering the event, if you're using an older version and want to see the scene it might be a good idea to update before you complete the conditions.

At that point, you should be heading down to the area where the second chimera encounter happened, past the canals. You can progress past the point that was blocked off on the bridge now.

When you say "separately", are you just downloading 'CHIMERIC VIOLET Release (16/07/19)'.zip normally, extracting it and running 'Game.exe'?

Through just testing that again now, there appeared to be no issues - please let me know exactly what you're doing to help determine where the problem is.

The best part is that you're forced to watch it twice to see the full ending.

Thanks for bringing up the issue - to be clear, what version of the game are you using, and where are you experiencing this problem specifically? As in, what occurred immediately beforehand, and what kind of freeze is it (black screen, can't move, etc.)?

That's just a save file to skip over the content covered in the demo for those who played it - the game is "CHIMERIC VIOLET Release (16/07/19).zip" (as of writing, the date reflects the current version).

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Thank you for the additional specifics - it does seem to be an issue with triggering the scene that lets it effectively be 'skipped'.

The 16/07/19 version should fix this issue, please let me know whether it resolves the problem.

That does seem odd - did you do one ending without seeing all the chimera scenes, then go back and do the remainder you missed + the Yaldukra scene before doing the second ending, but still had him show up in the first? I'll have to look into that further as a potential issue if that's the case - thanks for your help.

Either way, it's great to hear that you enjoyed your time with the game.

Thanks, it's fantastic knowing that you found it all interesting enough to be worth spending that time on.

You're not missing anything with the ending - Yaldukra being there is what's different. After that extra scene is done, he appears in several scenes in both the Upstream and Downstream endings that he'd have been absent for otherwise.

Sorry for any miscommunication that occurred there - without spoiling anything in that initial post, I was trying to make it clear that the scene would have a further effect, but not that its main purpose would be to change the ending.

The 'Fix #' naming was just for multiple versions released on the same day, any later version (like the current version uploaded now) will also not have the issue. Sorry for any confusion that caused.

The Esc key should return you to the previous menu.

Thanks, it's great to hear it lived up to what you were expecting from it.

While I have started working on another project, it's pretty different from this, and won't be seen for a fair while.

Still, thanks for your interest regardless - it's definitely something that will be taken into account with other future ideas.

That's wonderful to hear, thank you so much - I'm glad what the tone and characters were aiming for ended up being what you were looking for. The lack of anything which mixed those elements up in quite the same way was the reason why this game was made - although that could also have been because it didn't need to exist, it's fantastic to see people who think otherwise.

Thank you for your interest in potential future games - however, while I have already started on another project, it's going to be very different, and may be fairly far off.

It is intended, but it's not quite a restart - I'm not sure if you closed it at that point, but if you did, I can only say to keep going through it when that occurs.

I can at least say not to worry that you missed anything so far. The very few times something can be missed or a separate save is recommended, you'll be told directly.

All the CGs unlock automatically once you finish the Side B ending.

But there's not that many missable scenes before that - it's really only if you don't run into either the third Meleuma or Greenhouse encounter in the industrial area (which are also needed to start the last optional chimera scene); which if you haven't done triggers the message about missing something.

Other than that, everything is on the main path.

If you meant a guide on how endings work, that was covered in the release devlog - hopefully that helps.

The save points are the torches with violet flames - just walk up to one and press Enter to bring up the save menu.

For Lowjatar phase 1, you need to disable the accompanying enemies with skills that match them (for example, using Xanthellum on the enemy Xanthellum). After all of them are removed, hitting Lowjatar with anything moves you to the second phase, which is a normal fight.

Getting all the optional chimera scenes is actually required to see the last extra one, so it's encouraged to not miss any - the point of no return for them also has plenty of warning with chances to save beforehand. With all of the chimera scenes, Iustirho's level falls to 10, but that doesn't make completing the game any harder - the levels (and Iustirho getting weaker / more tired) are mainly just there for presentation.

That incorrect area transition was fixed in the 29/06/19 version, but thank you for bringing it up regardless.

If you're getting the message you've missed something before the bridge, it means you haven't done all the chimera scenes yet - 3 for Meluma, 2 for Patricia, 3 for the Greenhouse. It's likely you missed one of them in the industrial area.

I just checked the sequence again on the current version of the game, and nothing appeared to freeze - at which part did you experience the problem? Still on the battle screen, immediately afterwards with Iustirho on the stairs, or after the subsequent CGs?

Yes, that isn't an actual error - it's the intended path, and part of the ending.

Don't close the game, and just keep going when the opening plays again.

Thank you so much - I'm glad you didn't mind the game, and it's great to see that the events of the ending caught some interest.

I'll try to answer some of your ending-related questions, just pushing it down a bit because of spoilers:

1. The presence of the monolith itself was what caused the divergence in events - Telwas couldn't have summoned it without Iustirho being there at that point. It being there in the Downstream ending caused the osphor to be drained from the world of the Upstream ending, resulting in Zasaroja's transmigration plan.

2. The monolith not only is not a chimera, but it wasn't created during the events of the game - it existed long, long before; and it was just summoned to Ledra. It's the artifact all osphor stemmed from, essentially its blood; which when wounded in past millennia infected the setting.

Telwas only knew a tiny bit about what has been written about it, as the only proven aspect about it was the ability to draw osphor back into itself. The place seen in the Side B ending is not where it originated, but it was where it had been residing for the past couple of thousand years - the same place Stelia is now.

3A. Nilkaille isn't that complicated - he's a wealthy and connected businessman who over the past decades has cultivated a substantial interest in occultism, and was part of getting Zasaroja in the right place to try setting off the events of the game. The reason why he kills himself in the Downstream ending is because of the monolith tying the chimeras to Ledra. He planned on having the Greenhouse perform the same procedure on him as Patricia did to Yaldukra (which had become more urgent because of his critically failing health), but it was out of reach - the inoculations required to get into the city may themselves have killed him at that stage.

In the Upstream ending, he successfully convinces the Greenhouse to perform the procedure - the man Zasaroja talked to her about in the earlier black and white segment was him. Knowing about the eventual fate of osphor in that plane, he tested the transmigration procedure a few times to jump to the world of the Downstream ending, resulting in his appearance in front of Orris and Viqevi. This version of Nilkaille also is taken along with the other chimeras and their associates when they leave with the monolith.

3B. Stelia is a little more complicated. There's a lot of backstory that could be explained in full, but to keep this from going too long (and not getting into too much of what might constitute a future project), there are a couple of things that can be confirmed.

As the name suggests, she's Greek.

She's in a senior directorial position in the city seen in the Side B ending, where the presence of the monoliths is a known quantity.

The 'Accountant' she refers to isn't a person, as such.

The contact with Zasaroja was entirely unexpected - she has some awareness of other universes, but she has far from all the answers, and was basically put in
this situation and left to figure things out through trial and error for millennia.

As can be inferred from that, she is effectively immortal - but it's the same for the entire society she inhabits. She's seen looking somewhere in her 30s, but she doesn't stay fixed to that appearance - she ages and dies at a normal rate, then her body is reborn from the ocean at her 'baseline' age with seamless continuity of consciousness - for her, mid-20s, for others it can skew older.

I hope that answered some of your questions - if there's anything else you'd like to be clarified, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for noting the typo - it'll be fixed in the next version, but as you said probably won't merit a release itself.

Still having to fight Orris and Ayreen is intentional - just because it was the least messy way to handle things so that events after the sequence weren't affected.

The cut-in animations staying for Lowjatar is also intentional - seeing as it's part of Zasaroja and Iustirho's shared 'dream', and includes Orris in its physical body. I was also thinking of adding a cut-in of Telwas for one skill because he's related to it as well, but Mapira has nothing to do with him and he doesn't fight - having it be triggered with Analgesic Mist at the beginning of the fight could work, but starting a fight with two back-to-back cut-ins for a healing skill seemed like weird pacing.

You're heading down to where the second chimera encounter took place (the first time the egg chimera was seen) - after seeing the dialogue in the canals, you can go past the part that was blocked off before. Please don't feel bad about asking questions - it's good to know when the given directions aren't as clear.

That isn't actually an error.

After it 'resets', just keep going.