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Here's one from the first save point a couple of minutes in - let me know if it works for you.

The VN project can be considered a sequel, although it's not extremely direct about it.

The VN project will release in two parts - the first shouldn't be expected earlier than 2022, but I hope to be able to show something more this year. The more "survival horror" project will take even longer. It's a bit frustrating for progress to be relatively slow, but I don't have a great deal of time to work on these - that's why only the initials of the titles were used for this very early teaser.

I'm not entirely sure why that would have happened; but it looks like the zip for the actual game wasn't marked with a platform; which may have prevented it from showing up. It appears to work now, but let me know if you still have the issue - I also didn't have the app installed until I needed to check this right now, which is why the issue was missed to begin with.

It's the save made when Zasaroja stops you just before you get the choice to accept or deny Telwas' offer. However, if you didn't make a save there, anything before that point is fine as long as you make the other choice - that save point was just placed there to make it easier to go back and see the rest, it's not the only way to do it.

That will also be similar to the first game - there are a couple of female or genderless characters with monstrous appearances (like Patricia or the Greenhouse), but no sex scenes involve human women.

Thanks so much - I apologise for the late reply, but there are just the two endings. I have an aversion to doing mutually exclusive 'routes', and only fit in the two ending paths here by rolling them into the same ultimate point. 

The two new "DP" and "AG" projects I recently announced won't have multiple endings themselves, but the parallel endings of Chimeric Violet won't be ignored in them.

It's great to hear you enjoyed the first game - part of the reason I wanted to do these two projects at once was to do very different things with them with very little overlap.

The explicit content will be part of that - the "AG" project won't have any, but the "DP" project is aiming to outdo Chimeric Violet's Iustirho/chimera scenes with more unique setups across a wider variety of characters. Regardless of which approach you prefer, I hope you'll feel like trying both games.

That was definitely a problem with how the original game was written - quite a lot of it was basically improvised; throwing things at the wall and seeing what stuck. It wasn't all planned out from the start and got messy as a result. 

These two new projects have a solid idea of where they're going from the beginning, so they should be easier to follow with the necessary information given more naturally.

As for NSFW content, the "DP" project will continue to have plenty of explicit scenes, just spread out equally among more characters instead of focusing on one like how Chimeric Violet mostly stayed with Iustirho. The "AG" project won't have anything explicit in it, but its characters might receive some suggestive scenes or art outside the game.

Yes - you could change the colour at any time throughout the game by going back to that bedroom and changing to another pair of underwear.

In any case, it's great to hear you ended up liking the game despite the occasional frustrating aspect - the feedback will hopefully help make anything I work on next more streamlined and less irritating.

For the first chimera fight (referred to there just as 'it'), you continue by dying and selecting "submit" on the game over screen.

Sorry, as this was done in RMVX; you may need to run it in WINE. In addition, if you run into issues with the game displaying only half the window when played through WINE, resetting the window size to "x1 (Default)" in the options should fix it.

These torches are the save points. Once you reach the first one, there's an ingame message to remind you about them.

Part of it is him just not wanting her to get what she wants out of spite.

But although Iustirho is massively self-centered, even he recognises that letting Zasaroja have free reign to do whatever she wants to the world all but unopposed would end in disaster - especially after seeing what just being exposed to Meleuma did to Yaldukra; even having stable chimeras being free to move around could be seen to be dangerous. In Telwas' ending path, you also see that wanting to keep Liesefranche safe is another major reason why he would consider dying or being sealed.

In any case, thank you so much for trying the game - it means a lot that you're looking forward to what will come next. It'll still be a while before anything can be shown for it, but hopefully the first teases / previews for it will be ready sometime in the second half of 2020.

Is this the room you're stuck in?

The right door is blocked by a rock after Iustirho wakes up, but you can continue through the left door.

It does show up once before, but it is easy to not notice - in the first flashback section when you're introduced to Liesefranche, Iustirho's portrait includes piercings.

It's great to hear you enjoyed some part of it, I apologise if some things weren't as clear as they should have been. Hopefully, this helps clarify:

For what Telwas wants to do, I'll let you do the side B ending for the details of what his actual plan is, but his broad objective is to limit the influence on the now-stabilising chimeras (including Iustirho) on the rest of the world  by confining them to the city of Ledra.

For Iustirho's actual decision - it's informed by both the odd messages he gets from the "other" Zasaroja and the growing connection that is showing itself as they slowly become stable as a chimera, combined with his remaining distrust and dislike of both Telwas and her - he would prefer if Telwas actually could stop Zasaroja, but doesn't trust his capability to do so and is wary of what his actual part in it will be. Similarly, while he doesn't particularly want Zasaroja to succeed, he knows that he probably does have the best chance of survival if he follows her.

Although he doesn't know all the details when actually making the decision, it ends up coming down to being able to live in a world thrown into chaos by five chimeras roaming freely through it or keeping things stable at the cost of being imprisoned indefinitely.

Finally, the drowning scene and the sequence ascending the tower and fighting the various human characters and chimeras didn't physically happen; it was basically a hallucination that occurred as Iustirho and Zasaroja became a stable chimera, representing the final stages of the process - Zasaroja was basically speeding the process of consolidation up through it, whereas in the other ending with Telwas it occurs more slowly on its own while Iustirho and Zasaroja are further away from each other.

The other human characters are entirely dreamt up in that sequence (which is why they either don't speak or are shown suddenly changing languages - the line of dialogue around encountering Ayreen is also in the wrong colour, remembered from a prior scene and shown with no nametag), but the other chimeras and Zasaroja are actually them, speaking to Iustirho in this dreamlike state. The scene after this with Aztargal and Zasaroja also shows Iustirho on the ground in the same place wearing the same clothes as before the whole set of scenes occurred - he and Zasaroja were actually just unconscious on the ground the whole time.

Hopefully that helps - please let me know if you have any further questions either now or after the Side B ending.

Once you're controlling Zasaroja in that section, you should be able to enter three doors on each side of the area to talk with the other chimeras - after that, you exit through the final door that appears at the top to end the scene and move on.

If by manually saving, you mean saving through the pause menu outside of the regular save points; that isn't possible, sorry.

Since the opening only plays on starting a new game, that can't be skipped either.

Apologies for any inconvenience that causes - the next project is being planned to be less restrictive in that regard.

For the first chimera fight (referred to there just as 'it'), you continue by dying and selecting "submit" on the game over screen.

Being unable to heal (or use any other ability in the Quietives menu) is a result of it using 'Abacination' on you. To remove the effect, you need to use the skill 'IX: Souliei.'

As with the previous ability-matched enemies (Xanthellum, Parvum etc.) in that battle, you need to hit it once with your own skill Mapira. 

If it was getting to Parliament where you were stuck; from the Factory / canals area, you need to go back to the first intersection under the Praeses' residence and go right instead of left.

From there, you'd go up through the square and through the gardens.

This door next to a save point leads to a hedge area, going through that will lead you to Parliament.

He does have a scene, but unfortunately just one. However, he does also show up in the additional artwork by Gigan and Juggermelon.

Could you please give me a screenshot of what you clicked on to download it, just so we're completely clear?

That's strange - I'm not even seeing a second 'save' file.

Where are you attempting to download it?

To run the game, you shouldn't need to install anything - just extract the "CHIMERICVIOLET Release" and start it from the 'game.exe'.

Please let me know if this addresses your problem.

Yes - although you don't have to repeat anything, just loading up the save made before deciding to go with Telwas or not and choosing the other decision will work.

If you're referring to the first chimera fight (referred to there just as 'it'), you continue by dying and selecting "submit" on the game over screen.

You access save points at these torches - once you reach the first one, there's an ingame message to remind you about them.

There aren't really any more control functions aside from arrow keys (or numpad) for movement, enter for confirm, esc for cancel (and to bring up the menu outside battle); apart from running with the shift key.

I hope that helped, please ask if you have further questions.

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Thanks - to be clear, would that be the second scene with Patricia activated at this part of the industrial area?

To progress, after going to the next screen, you'll move to an intersection; the last Meleuma scene is in the area seen after going left, the last Greenhouse scene is in the area after going down.

After doing that, you should be able to access the last optional scene by going back to those three places in the industrial area.

After that's done, you use the flares automatically by progressing past this bridge area - if you haven't done all the optional chimera scenes when you get there, you'll be notified.

I hope that helped, please ask if you have further questions.

Yes, you could only progress through the first chimera fight by dying and picking 'submit'. The rest of the chimera battles don't have the part with the game over menu - the scenes will just progress directly after losing.

Thanks. Ayreen is a woman, so that kind of falls out of scope.

I do agree the age range is pretty narrow - Liesefranche is the oldest character to get CGs, and he's only 42. 

For any future projects in this vein, I do want to have a bit more variety in that regard - none of the guys here have graying hair, for example, and the body types are fairly similar. 

The key for the pause / gallery menu (and backing out of a menu in battle, like going back out of the Skills menu after selecting it) is just Esc. 

There's 7 optional scenes related to those - 6 if you run into the chimeras, and the seventh once they're all done. You can always go back and do them if they've been missed up until a specific point; where you'll be told that something hasn't been completed and asked if you want to continue without doing them or not.

Levels are related to that - they're not really used for anything game-wise, but after each encounter it lowers; with the final extra scene available once it falls to 10.

Are you using the current version of the game? The 28/06/19 version and later shouldn't have that problem.

If you are using the current version of the game and still have that problem, please tell me exactly what you did beforehand to help in identifying the issue.

Sorry for the delay - that's finally been revised as of the 30-07-19 version, with the balls on the last two stages being removed on the next attempt once you return.

Thanks for all the feedback, and apologies for the inconvenience.

No, that's just how it was written - suddenly changing languages at that point was just done to reinforce the fact that Orris there is just part of Iustirho's extended hallucination as the chimera becomes stable; while Aztargal, Zasaroja and the rest of the chimeras are actually speaking to him and not imagined.

The menu is accessed through the 'esc' key - you can't save through it, however; you need to access the save points at these torches. Once you reach the first one, there's an ingame message to remind you about them.

Thanks - it's always amazing hearing that at least some of what the game tried to do worked for someone.

A body pillow pattern honestly is pretty possible, but you'd probably have to wait for a little while for everyone to be free to do it, assuming it'd be human Iustirho on one side and his alternate form on the other...