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I'm not sure I understand the Win state of the game, is it infinite? There is some challenge to be had in controlling the character and collecting pyramids, but to offer more control, perhaps the length of time you hold down the mouse button would change what speed or momentum your character has while moving.

Enjoyed the game, and like the choices made on the feedback to the player, from the level end slowdown to the minimal UI. Good work. I did encounter a bug that soft locked the game though, possibly from hitting a new enemy type (bigger red square fella with a tiny hat) with the same bullet twice?

It's a nice mini game, but it could use additional gameplay or a continuation from the previous sword completion.

I like me some RPGs, but I'm not sure what the Win state would be, Sometimes, the random encounters happen within a few seconds of each other, which is a bit frustrating, because there is no option/chance for Turt to flee. I like the concept and enemy design, but not a big fan of the one button control for the game genre.

I'm a bit confused why healing your party members doesn't revive them. It would be interesting if you could have options in preparing your party before the next test, say revive 1 member, or spend unused resources from the last test on the next test. I like the music, but was a bit jarring upon first listen.

Played the webGL version; I like the minimalism of the game, but it took me too long to realize the mouse cursor was the light source casting the shadow. I found it a bit difficult to remember where my cursor was in relation to the game window. 

Liked the game, made it to round 27. Would like to pull tighter turns around the inner circle, appreciate the screen shake.

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Hey, thank you! I think you're right, it is pretty easy to lose the most important sprite in the game; I had not considered that! Unfortunately, the missile can't be picked up.