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thanks😄😄!! I made the hitbox of hand bigger. I think it'll help you now.

Lovely boss design! and I liked the juicy movement🤤

thank you for review. I wrote the control wrong 😅 I fixed it now.

i updated it!

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Hi, I released game on Steam. (Sadly there's no English translation. publisher said that if the game is popular, it could be translated, but I don't think that's going to happen. )

And I'm making a new game. There are block and enemy intents that I couldn't make in the last game!

It's working now! Thank you.

Hi, I'm using a translator. Please understand if it reads weird. I tagged the actor <block chance: 100%> <block percent: 70%> and did the same to enemy. But enemy succeeds block and actor fails block. The same thing happens in the demo. Did I miss something?


thank you! I edited it👍

Decker community · Created a new topic free assets
(2 edits) < Link After seeing this, I made some decorative borders. It's a lot more fun than I think! I'll keep updating if I can afford it.


Honestly, I wouldn't have known such a feature existed if I hadn't read this. But I think it will come in handy when creating a blog!

Thanks for playing! And I don't know if we're thinking the same thing, but thanks to you, i fixed silly mistake.

Ccg has finally matured. Now I have to make the next game!

I won't update it because I finished the game now, but it can be useful in the next game. Thank you so much to your team!

Both discard and remove work smoothly. Thank you so much! Thanks to you, I think I can complete the game soon.

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It was almost perfect, but the discard button doesn't work when I discard or remove the card. I think it's working like a decision key.

God this is a solution beyond what I expected! It is working perfectly in v.1.2.5. Thank you so much!

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 *It may be difficult to understand my English because I am using a translator. Sorry!* I know I have to put the end turn button on the right, but I can't think of a better UI at this moment. Is there a way to activate the end turn button by pressing the left key on the item button?

Of course I'm looking forward to it😊😊😊

Thank you 😄👍! I made a HUD that shows the enemy's physical strength with HUD MAKER, changed the WINDOW SKIN, and adjusted the basic parameters.(I'm using Mz.)

This plugin made my lifelong dream possible I'm making a short game now

KAL is a simple game made for the purpose of practicing animation and effect. I hope you like it!