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Iván Piccione

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Thanks for the feedback! I hope I can flesh out this prototype to a more polished game. With a few days more, we could have fixed those issues you encountered.

I didn't have time to balance the difficulty curve so the wall was exponentially faster, so the mastering of mechanics makes the game really easy.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm really happy that you liked the song.

About the mechanics: I hope to do a full game based on these mechanics but polished and with more modules to traverse. We got problems mid-development that slowed us down A LOT. That being said, that pesky bug with the rope length couldn't be fixed in time, there were not as much rooms as I would like to had, and I couldn't balance the lava properly (right now, with enough practice, you can flee super fast from the lava, like 2 minutes of difference before it being super fast and challenging)

Thanks for the feedback!