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holy shit thank you so much, yes the bug with the light is intentionl so you dont get attacked while still trying ro figure out the light mechanic but i will keep your critique in mind for my next game

aaw thank ou so much, tho i think #6 in graphics is way more than i could ever hope for

personally i learned to focus on my strenghts, i like doing art so i basically just did that for my game with a friend doing the (awsome) music and a bit of programming from myself, of course its also important to try and learn new things along the way but leaning into your favourite aspect of gamedev can make the overall experience much more fun imo  here is mine in case you wanna try it, hope you enjoy

pretty simple game but super polished with some pretty cool puzzles, really enjoyed it, good job

wow thanks a lot, i initially put in the light breaking mechanic to prevent just rotating the light to win but it seems the light fixing is a bit to easy…

overall a pretty fun game and definitly an achievement for just one week without a team but there are some issues as others have already pointed out, the game is way too hard (or im just a noob lol) and the lack of sound takes away from the experience (for example just wind whistling in your ear as you drop faster and faster would achieve a much more immersive feeling of falling) also the ability to jump mid air is pretty clever but as your game is called sky diver you could have implemented  the airjump as a parachute like effect which just significantly slows you down instead of jumping which serves its purpose but feels a bit out of place. In general a really fun game tho spent like 15 minutes trying to get as deep as possible (so spot on with the theme) and I really enjoyed the generall gameplay, so good job

to me it seems like you had a great idea but couldnt quite finish it. there are a lot of systems that could be really cool if they would be expanded upon. For example the weapons are great and satisfying to use but in the end it doesnt matter which one you use, you just shoot at an enemy till you have to reload and by that time the enmy is dead; which brings me to my next point, the enemys where pretty cool designed and at first seemed like a challenge but they just cant reach you if you have a loaded weapon, also they just seem to spawn at a certaint point of the map which doesnt encourage exploration and especially deeper diving that much but i assume thats either a bug or a system you didnt have time to finish. The best aspects of the game where definitly the weapons and the SFX only critique here is that the ambient sound just stops at a cerataint point into a run. I personally dont mind the relativly simple visuals but just a little bit of playing with the lighting could sell the whole underwater aspect way better, overall tho a pretty fun game which grabbed my attention for longer than most games i played so far, so very good job on that!

thank you :)


oh wow! thank you very much

hey i asked that question before in faq but maybe that was the wrong thread (in that case sorry) are digital games that fit the limitation allowed?

because as far as i understood this is ment for table top games but the theme really inspires me and i think making a video game for it would be fun, is this allowed?

hey, so im pretty interested in this jam but i think i didnt quite understand it. Is it purely for analog bookmarks or can you make a fully digital game that fits on a bookmark (as in screen resolution) ?

hey i watched the clip and it made me very happy seeing someone enjoying my game. I initially wanted to leave the game with almost no gameplay but playtesting it i felt the visuals alone wernt enough to keep people engaged till the end so the original plan was to make two gammodes: ones like the game is rn and one thats longer without the light mechanic and more animals/events, but due to the limited time i decided to only make the game as it is right now

not sure what you are trying to tell me, but thanks :)

thanks enjoy :)

thank you :) My game doesnt have dialog but it certaintly has a story

o absolutely loved the voicovers, but everything else was incredible too really liked it. Only problem for me was that part of the screen was cut out and i couldnt see everything, but im pretty sure thats a problem on my side not on yours

yea like i said before unfortunatly i had not much time left for actual gameplay so its a bit simple, i think i will work on  a mini update during the rating period to release after to make it a bit more entertaining

thank you so much, i spent a whole day making the end cutscene lol   Ive never put that much time into a game, fortunatly i was sick the whole week so i had a lot of time

thanks :)

aaw thank you so much, you are completely right i designed this game as an experience more than a game and added the gameplay loop like on the last day i just wanted to see how immersive i could get the ambiance of a game and im glad it seemed to work

thank you so much

thanks, they took ages to get right

yeah i spent all my energy and time on graphics so the gameplay suffered a bit lol

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My Game for the Jam:

tried playing your game but my computer wont load it maybe its some issue with mac or just bad wifi, sorry

my score was 10482, very fun game with great artwork not much else to say, good job

pretty fun game and very well made only critique from my side would be the music its pretty annoying and i know i can mute it but with just a bit more variety it could be really usefull to enhance the games atmosphere

thanks, unfortunatly i just hadnt enough time to make more content to make the game longer since i spent 90% of my time on artwork lol, will maybe work on an update after the rating period tho

oh great idea will definitly implement this

First of all, congrats for your first released game! For a beginner game this is just awsome, defininitly had fun while playing but it still has  its issues, i dont know if its an error on my or your side but the game doesnt scale properly and it just sits in a tiny corner of my screen which takes away from the immersion and second you should rename "time" to "air" so its clear what the bubbles are for, otherwise its a fun small game the art animation and sound are on point good job

i just have a lot of unused code for puzzle mechanics that i would like to use but i also wanna participate in the brakeys jam next week so will have to see

now that i can finally play it i can say this is a great game. I absolutely love the idea and with more content and a few changes i could easily see this become a full game. That said a few things were a bit annoying, the enemy waves quickly outscale your ability to brew better potions so you die pretty early by just beeing squashed to death by a horde of enemys. Also the coins shouldnt despawn, that way they just vanish in the enemy crowd at some point were you cant acces them, also a pickup sound for the coins would make them much more rewarding, but overall a really cool game, had a lot of fun playing it

aw thanks, as so many people are telling me they would want more levels i will consider releasing another set of new levels after the voting phase but i will have to see if i find the time for that

congrats for beating the game lol