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Fun game!

Hehe, i found your game through this other game:


Bodacious disney song

Very fun! I like the trumpet fanfare. And the diagram is super helpful.

Ah ya janky physics were a problem. Haha there are 39 different adjectives that are randomly chosen.

Insanely good. Maybe a little overwhelming.

Windows key should allow quitting. But ya I didn't have time to implement any sort of menu haha!

Really fun game! I fainted while turning on the lamp.

Fun game! Voice acting is stellar.

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I think level 4 may be impossible

Cute game! The hunger increased when I fed the pet tho.

Super cool game!

Absolutely incredible! I almost choked while playing it.

Dah Nah!!!!

Cool game! Love the pig! However, it can be a bit frustrating moving back and forth trying to land on a specific tile.

Cool game! The art is amazing. Spear dash is satisfying too.

Fun game! I think landing on the side might make you go a little too fast. It took me quite a while to get to the top of the first section and then I fell all the way back down.

Fun game! I especially like the high jump from rolling 3. I also like the portal cake.

Super fun game! It really felt like operating a monstrous beast from the inside. I loved the rocket launcher. Sometimes the camera zoomed in and out randomly. Also, there didn't seem to be a way to die until I fell through the floor.

Very clever game! The eyes reminded me of inscryption. I died on the dice roll where you have to fill all of them.

I love the dice on paper aesthetic.

Maybe just subtitles in the description. I kept reading "100%" as "1196" haha.

Fun game! I like how there's this one super-hungry customer!

Cool game! It can be a bit difficult to see which number is about to land on the square, however.

Cool game! I got 2:18.

I was a little confused at the beginning until I realized you have to go and pick up the dice. The dice look awesome tho.

Cool game! I would just adjust the font bc it's a bit hard to read.

Really cool game! The graphics are beautiful. The only thing is it feels like the only thing I can do is just push the roll button and choose upgrades. Maybe a system where you can choose between riskier or safer dice could be cool idk.

Cool game! Love the pendulum animation. This might be a small thing but I tended to survive the game by sitting on one square and only moving when that number was called. I didn't even try to get the pickups. Up to you, but maybe a certain event that makes the 6 tiles at the bottom change would be interesting.

Cool game! This is a minor thing but it does take a while for the dice to roll and since it happens a lot the player will have to wait. But otherwise, awesome game! Clever name and I love the characters!

Creative twist on the classic clicker! Thumbnail made me laugh.

Cool game! The wise cucumber is most knowledgeable.

The Reflection Beta Version is now available! It is not the complete game so expect some minor bugs but otherwise, the game is completely playable.

Here's the description of the game:

The Reflection is a game that offers a brand new view on space and matter. The game explores the connection to an alternate dimension called The Reflection that contains all the matter of the world inverted. The portal to this dimension is characterized by a plane of water. From the surface, there appears to be simply a reflection of light, but submerging into the water reveals that this world is completely tangible, mirroring the world perfectly. Even moving objects and enemies are reflected, allowing players to interact with these from another angle (literally).

Every aspect of the gameplay is carefully designed to utilize and expand the possibilities of The Reflection. Portals throughout the world enable the player to travel from the underside of a surface in The Reflection to its corresponding surface (facing up) in the world. Some enemies exist in The Reflection and appear upside down in the world. Underwater sections of moving platforms disappear completely when reflected. The player also has a grappling ability that allows them to reach portals on the ceiling, which will become the floor once the player teleports to the corresponding surface in the world.


Very nice! I also had some chicks get stuck but the game is fun.


Bless you

Hehe! I love Habby and Dabby!