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I also hope so. If you ever need help editing texts in English and Russian, LMK.
I'm not a native speaker, but I teach English as a foreign language for a living and I help proofread/translate VNs for free.

I helped edit  and the video scripts for

+ I translated Infamous8 and one lewd VN into Russian.

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Andrea, I profusely apologize to you for not commenting earlier [not that your life would depend on it, though)].
I read OLSK a year ago. As a seasoned VN reader I was confident, 'Nah, no onions. Nope, the story is predictable. No way in will it make me cry, there is no voicing even.'
And yet I was crying. I don't know how you did it, but I was crying.
And the ending is just great, though I expected the MC to leave.
The CG with the half-transparent marine silhouette is a great embodiment of the whole story.

PS I hadn't cried after losing some girls in Katawa Shoujo, I wasn't crying while playing some grim VNs, but Azzurra and Giovanni...

MC is the male character/ main character.

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well, even if Beatrix dragged the body, she's bound to leave a blood trail and it should be a bit different.

The uniforms are out of question, I pointed out the writings on them, not the epolettes or insignia

BTW three cops don't have even 1 gun).

Three military futas have only 1 machine gun, Meredit must have  forgotten her SVD rifle under the pillow)

And that's all in the face of recent riots

2 suggestions from my friends to attract patrons

- Making the game is available on Mac and Linux platforms

- Posting some of the scenes at pornhub and similar sites.

porn is watched by far more people than itch.i. o. users. Futanari tag can attract shemale and futanari fetishists

My favourite parts of the game:

- Lady Mantis quipping Beatrix

- the feeling of having to comply to any wicked shit and then trying 'and what if I don't obey?' To find out you don't lose much)))

- the way MC gets to open 2 new locations, nothing Godsent, work your ass off!

- the timer when Player has only 10 seconds to decide with the threatening BGM

- the clash between police and the military, the chain of command and authority wrestling - so life-like! 

- the games Beatrix plays with everyone and the flashback to her 8th husband in Demo

- Eva coming to passed out player 'I'm not like those cruel, oppressing Mantis members, I like you', and then MC finding out just how much she likes him 8 days later

- Sister Hannah taking dibs on you and other Church members opinion on that

- sisters Bloom are having a stupid spat, but resort to you as a 3rd party, so if you aren't into watersports, you still feel obliged, 'well, why not? after all one o them is really cool, what if ...?'

...I probably should stop or there'll be no end to this.

What key do I press to hide the dialogue box?
H, Spacebar, Right Mouse don'et work(((

What key do I press to hide the dialogue box?
H, Spacebar, Right Mouse don'et work(((

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Same thing - FDW v0.3.1  and  FDW 0.3 Rye Part One. The same 1 Gb file under two names

[found on 2019 05 04]

[asked on 2019 05 04]

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Same thing - FDW v0.3.1  and  FDW 0.3 Rye Part One. The same 1 Gb file under two names

[found on 2019 05 04]