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My favourite parts of the game:

- Lady Mantis quipping Beatrix

- the feeling of having to comply to any wicked shit and then trying 'and what if I don't obey?' To find out you don't lose much)))

- the way MC gets to open 2 new locations, nothing Godsent, work your ass off!

- the timer when Player has only 10 seconds to decide with the threatening BGM

- the clash between police and the military, the chain of command and authority wrestling - so life-like! 

- the games Beatrix plays with everyone and the flashback to her 8th husband in Demo

- Eva coming to passed out player 'I'm not like those cruel, oppressing Mantis members, I like you', and then MC finding out just how much she likes him 8 days later

- Sister Hannah taking dibs on you and other Church members opinion on that

- sisters Bloom are having a stupid spat, but resort to you as a 3rd party, so if you aren't into watersports, you still feel obliged, 'well, why not? after all one o them is really cool, what if ...?'

...I probably should stop or there'll be no end to this.