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I approve of this mod.

Awesome mod, great showcase of what you guys can do :)

I expect to see the Planetoid Plant in all future mods


Great first mod!! Hope you continue modding, this is an awesome start


The restart key is r! Before you get other controls/modules, your only option is to go right, yeah – think about the timing ;)

Good job considering this is a solo project!! The art is decent for how quickly you got it done - better than I could do, I expect :)

I’d suggest some UI for the levitation - there seems to be some sort of area of effect around the player where it works, but there’s no visualisation for it.

Really enjoyed this, reminds me of the GO series of mobile puzzle games. As others have said, it doesn’t really fit the theme, but it’s still super fun.

Also…… this was made in RPGMaker?? I didn’t even consider that RPGMaker could handle games like this, but I guess it makes sense. Might be worth looking into a more general game engine (I’m a fan of Godot) for future projects - you’re clearly a pretty good designer even within such a limited engine!

Argh, this is super fun yet incredibly frustrating! I love/hate that moment just before the timer runs out where you realise you’re about to die!! My best is 39, no highscores here.

Could definitely see this being a small mobile timewaster, even if no more mechanics were added. Great game :)