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Linux Mint is a derivative of Ubuntu, so if it works on Ubuntu 16.04 it should work on Linux Mint 18. I have noticed a lot of problems with my system, though, so I'm hoping that when I do a fresh install it will resolve the issues I currently face and I can play the games that currently bug out.

I seem to have an issue on Linux (Linux Mint 18.2) where the game loads as a pinkish purple screen with no graphics, only audio.

I probably should've mentioned that placing the pizzeria works for me, but after that any sort of mouse-based interaction, aside from moving, becomes impossible to do.

Not sure what's causing this, but playing on Linux Mint there's a lot of mouse input issues when doing anything interactively. It seems like it locks the mouse in the centre position, making it extremely difficult (and sometimes impossible) to make pizzas or take them out of the oven.

Looking into the issue further, if I can figure out a cause or fix then I will create a response with more information. Right now, all I know is that when making the pizzas, once I reach step two my mouse just completely stops working, and the only way to regain control is to skip all of the steps, alt-tab out and back into the game, and click the return button.

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Game crashes on startup with an error SIGSEGV. Likely reproducable, happens any time I run the game. OS: Arch Linux, using Plasma 5.

Edit: Tested using the Linux executable, will try using the other download.

Edit 2: Tested using the low quality executable for Linux, same error at the same point.