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Bugs Sticky

A topic by PlanetHoward created Sep 10, 2016 Views: 1,154 Replies: 20
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Please post the bugs you found here

Not sure if this in intentional or not, but if you throw the order chart at someone you can't play the game because it doesn't re-appear for the next order or anything.


That is most likely because they keep stepping on it, and it triggers the customer to not order and just disappear, the order menu isn't actually necessary to make weapons. Also why are you throwing order charts at people? XD

Because I got mad that I couldn't make a hammer lol.

you know you put ingot in the oven and it changes to what the costumer wants

Crashes when i click start.


What operating system? which file did you download?

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Oh it works now

Game closes after the Unity logo

An error occured while launching Blacksmith Simulator

Its last words were: killed by signal SIGABRT


I'll look into this

PlanetHoward.I just dowloaded my Low Quality (64),but it doesnt start.When I click to play,It finishes,but as soon it finishes it says error.

I tried all the windows dowloads.But nothing.

I need to play this.Why doenst it work!

This happens with lots and lots of games.I alredy saw like some 4 or 5 like this...

Basically pretty much the same glitch in the games like half life. Hold a metal, plank or anything long, look down, jump and bam

My hammer dissappeared through the roof and didn't come back. Along that line, I also had a sword blade dissappear into the floor and vanish.

after i launch the game, it shows the word start in the top left and the game is frozen like that

ok, redownloaded win32, now the game starts, but ingame, im constantly going left, ive tried to unstick the key by pressing it, but to no luck

At some point, two customers spawn simultaneously. They crash into each other. This repeats ad infinitum, making the game unplayable. Linux 64bit.

it does stop after a while

Customers stopped coming after I threw the order sign at the wall (they kept coming before with out a head and not ordering before that so...)

Noticed a few other things

After throwing stuff at the customers the fire would stop working. Only saw it once but after throwing an object at a sword customer, the next customer to order a sword left before collecting. 

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Game crashes on startup with an error SIGSEGV. Likely reproducable, happens any time I run the game. OS: Arch Linux, using Plasma 5.

Edit: Tested using the Linux executable, will try using the other download.

Edit 2: Tested using the low quality executable for Linux, same error at the same point.