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I currently only have one personal project up and in work on my platforms, that is a solo project. But i have a handful of projects currently in planning and currently in development that will require a profit splitting option, which means that a have to primarily focus on DTRPG, which is... not ideal. but it's where my options require me to be. I'd also go all in on itch if they added this. 

You all... yes you reading this. If you came to this page and wanted to check out the comments to see if anyone says you should buy it. This is me unequivocally telling you to buy this amazing and adorable game!

I love it, and i gave it 5-stars with zero hesitation. *stamp of approval*

I was struck just the other day by how many of my games just... they weren't blue enough. Seriously, i flip from page to page, maybe a lil blue... sometimes? but just not enough.

The Blue Game is exactly what I needed, it revolutionized my gaming experience.

Thank you, Dee.

Great game, loved the flavor. also honored to have a game created inspired by one of my own. <3

Its my first Jam on itch and I couldn't be more stoked. I got a ton of work rn but I had to squeeze something out for this... and true to form, oh no I ended up loving it... so it got MORE work than intended. LOL.

I love Goblins, and I'm very much looking forward to making my way through all of these games :)

Thank you so much! Like every one of my projects so far, I start off with like "This'll be a fun lil quirky thing I can toss out and move on"


"Oh no.. I love it"