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Thank you so much! It has been a while since I opened up this one, so I just gave it another reread now some years after I released it and Im still very happy with it, but I did see some typos and layout accidents I need to fix!

Glad you liked it and thanks for the kind words!

Sorry i didnt see this before, I just updated with some more community copies!

Thanks! Yeah I found it very helpful in my campaign, much easier for me than juggling huge lists of abilities for me. Hope your game goes well!

This website does, in fact, not have community copies as a built in feature. It has the capacity to add them through the backend rewards tab which someone in the community figured how to game them to provide community copies and spread that information around.

You can absolutely play black ops II with this game! (I dont know much about Black Ops II but im confident in that fact)

Please see the warning:

**this is a shitpost and commentary made flesh on a whim. Please make sure you look at the images and description before buying 😂 if you still buy, thank you. The money will be put to good use**

and if you want some snark thrown at wizards of the coast creators, feel free to grab one of the 99,916 free copies remaining xD

Hey there! Thanks so much, sorry it took a few days to get back to you, I've had a busy week!

I went ahead and added more community copies, so you should be able to claim one for free (scroll down to the Rewards section)! If you wanna get an idea on how it runs, I set up a written and illustrated example of Play here, which is free. (I wanted to do more of these for my games and other indie games but so far demand hasn't held up to the work needed to produce the Examples of play like I did there.

As for how it differs from Nova?

I haven't read Nova yet, I'm more familiar with Gila RPG's original Lumen game "Light" but I know Nova changed some, I'll do my best to discuss what is likely different.

  • In Immune your powers (called "Maneuvers") are not derived from your "class" or a playbook of any kind, they are derived from your weapon loadout. Meaning that you are able to adjust and change your Maneuvers between sessions most of the time.
  • While you are made to kick ass and be powerful in Immune, Zombie Apocalypse are still dangerous. This game may be more stacked against the players than many Lumen games (Though of course this is easy enough for a GM to adjust if they prefer a more "power fantasy" vibe for the players in line with standard Lumen games.
    • This includes the Left For Dead mechanic: When an Immune is Left For Dead, they return in the next scene at a
      moment of their choosing, Pick one: • Return with 1 Health, full ammo. • Return with full health, no ammo. When you return, it may be performing a dramaatc action as if you rolled a 6 result. An Immune may be Left For Dead only once. Next time, they are well and truly gone.
  • It includes Headshot rolls which depend on your type of weapon and range to a zombie (since we know zombies are particularly susceptible to headshots). Headshots kill "walkers" automatically and deal extra harm to Special zombies.
  • It includes a Noise Roll and Sound Clock, bringing in another resource to consider as they fight the hordes, fill up a sound clock will prompt introduction of more zombies drawn to the scene.
  • The Special Drop die is rolled along with the normal drop die during each Scavenge phase (when you'd recover your health or ammo between "rounds"). If you get a 6 on the Special Drop Die, you find a special drop (such as a med-kit, 1-use item or some sort of power up)
  • The game comes with some tables to randomly generate missions, encounters and special drops. 
  • The last section offers optional tweaks or suggestions for: 
    • Playing a completely Zero Prep game as a new "Zombie Lord" if you don't have time to think on anything.
    • Making the Immune more powerful if you want the game to feel more in line to other Lumen games.

Someone on Tumblr asked me my thoughts about this game, so I wrote something up and figured i'd share it here as well!

~  * ~  *  ~  *  ~
When I first started with Roots & Flowers, I was uncertain how I'd receive it. Despite being a huge Trekkie, Lasers & Feelings (Which R&F is a hack of) is not something I am a huge fan of, however I knew I loved Solarpunk stuff and Gabe is a mutual of mine and I know them to design great stuff.

Opening Root & Flowers, I was pleasantly surprised as it provided a lot more than the game it was derived from, its 26 pages (though the font is large to make it more accessible to people with sight impairements or that are just reading it on a small mobile device.

The game uses a d6-mechanic, you have two stats that form a duality, if one is high the other is low.

You set your number, if you have a higher number you are better at flowers and a lower number means you are better at Roots.

Flowers represents insight, lightness, subtlety, compassion and that sort of action.

Roots represents presence, drive, focus, movement and that sort of action.

When roll Flowers, you wanna roll Under your Flowers score on the d6. When you roll Roots you wanna roll Over your score on the d6.

It comes with a LOT of helpful information on the setting, the world and the game.

I like this game a lot, though I haven't had the chance to play it. It is a community focused game, which is something I love.

In Root & Flower, you play in a setting where humanity has managed to course correct and improve the way their society interacts with each other and the environment. However, after everything that is done, the world still bears scars and wounds of the old world.

In the game you enter an age of exploration, both within yourself, personally, your community and the world. You will find Relics from the world before, old customs, stories or culture from the world before and you will wield subtle and rich ancestral magics.

Your characters spend their focus on aiding your community in things big and small, resolving them through innovation, knowledge, technology, mediation and ancestral guidance.


(Yes a lot of this is stuff you see in the description page but hopefully you find something helpful in here xD)

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Hello! I wanted to post for anyone using Primal Quest on Foundry with the following guide:

  • Primal Box is built on the Sandbox System, which has not been updated to v 10 (and definately not 11).
  • In order to make it work you will need to roll your version of foundry back to version 0.8.9, this is very easy in FORGE, because it lets you swap back and forth between foundry versions.

If you would like to use the World Explorer mod to facilitate the Hexcrawl, you will need to install version 0.1.1 of World Explorer. Which again, juggling various editions of Mods is easier on Forge, but doable on foundry. (and of course if you don't use World Explorer on anything else, you won't need to juggle versions

Now go forth and play Primal Quest on Foundry!

Just tossed a couple of copies up!

I'm looking to tweak, tighten and refine this (and my other games) so if you have anything you like about the game, dislike, or didn't understand. Please let me know in the community section here!

It didnt get used but i also added a lil curse/blessing option at the shrine in case they took or left something, so theres a freebie for updating if you liked the idea :P

They didn't get to the flooded tunnels, they cut right and met the leshies, and made there way that way and then got TPK'd by the Dig Widget! xD

(1 edit)

So had to reschedule a few times! My (digital) dice were on FIRE last night so it was pretty rough and ended in a TPK on the Dig Widget xD

very first encounter with the Spear trap at the enterance crit and 1-shot our rogue. (just to kick things off)

Dig widget crit twice in a row (in the same turn, first with a drill and second with a leaping attack (both only 1 action)) nat 20s both, and killed two people in one action, and things just went down hill from there. lmao.

I like the set up though, I think im gonna goose down some numbers for those two encounters before i run it again tho! xD

As i said in my 5-Star review (which are private on itch so im reposting here):

Rise of the Apes is a fantastic and evocative system, that creates a game in 3 act. 

If you don't want to stop after act 3: the very simple but incredibly flexible Rise and Strength systems could be easily applied to continue the franchise or spin off in your own direction by applying a new set of 3 scene acts in the same manner presented here.

I look forward to the time i can find time to play it!

Hey! I'm gonna be running this soon, I set up the map in Dungeon Alchemist for use in foundry! 

Looking forward to running this! I did notice that you include a Green Ooze in the sewer pit, but Green Ooze doesn't seem to be an available Ooze, I'm gonna swap it out for another that seems to fit but I wanted to point that out!

I'll let you know how it all goes after I run it!

This generator will be full updated with new information for any expansion or optional releases, such as the anticipated season 1.

Post any bugs here

Hey there! 

Is there anything you find unclear? Anything you feel is missing or would like to see? Is there a "how would i do this?" question? Lemme know so i can both help you out and update the game!

Hey this! looks great! And yeah video games are fine, just not something i work with (and sometimes i forget itch is primarily for video games cause im so stuck in my ttrpg focus xD) Since this ends in 3 days, i'd suggest getting something up and submitted if you haven't yet so that you can keep working on it, but it'll be in the jam entry page if anyone comes back to check it out! 

Several of my maps and art are up on youtube 

Heres how to use rollable tokens on roll20 to get the map easily transmutable

Fun little game! Well made.

Thanks so much! I wish i could find a better way to get the audio file more navigable but i havent been able to figure that out! But glad that despite its been helpful! And yeah, I always hate when i see a font or something in a game and just can't find out what it is xD Thanks for the kind words <3

That sounds good to me! Gets abit meta with the Saturday Morning Cartoon vibe but in an interesting way! If you don't finish in time and need a week or so lemme know and i can expand the deadline a lil, or you can post a WIP preview for now while you keep working!

Heyo! If you have any questions why I'm doing this through, there are a number of reasons:

  1. So far i've been unhappy with the backend in basically every Freeware mailing list service ive used, and I've struggled to find something that felt good, intuitive and worth it to use.
  2. This allows me to get my mailing list in front of folks who may not otherwise see it.
  3. I'm often on itch, so the ability to send out my updates through a service i already use regularly is appealing to me.

I got this in the racial justice bundle (and im finally going through and checking all that out xD) anyway, i havent had time to do sit down and long play of this but its very fun and well made and im excited to play more! I love building and resource management games ^^

This game is a beautiful and relaxing, intriguing little puzzle game. Well made!

Paleo Creatures

    1.   Aardonyx
    2.   Abelisaurus
    3.   Abrictosaurus
    4.   Abrosaurus
    5.   Abydosaurus
    6.   Acanthopholis
    7.   Achelousaurus
    8.   Achillesaurus
    9.   Achillobator
    10.   Acristavus
    11.   Acrocanthosaurus
    12.   Acrotholus
    13.   Adasaurus
    14.   Adeopapposaurus
    15.   Aegirosaurus
    16.   Aeolosaurus
    17.   Aerosteon
    18.   Afrovenator
    19.   Aggiosaurus
    20.   Agilisaurus
    21.   Agnosphitys
    22.   Agujaceratops
    23.   Agustinia
    24.   Ahshislepelta
    25.   Ajkaceratops
    26.   Alamosaurus
    27.   Alaskacephale
    28.   Albalophosaurus
    29.   Albertaceratops
    30.   Albertadromeus
    31.   Albertonykus
    32.   Albertosaurus
    33.   Alectrosaurus
    34.   Aletopelta
    35.   Alioramus
    36.   Allosaurus
    37.   Alnashetri
    38.   Altirhinus
    39.   Altispinax
    40.   Alvarezsaurus
    41.   Alwalkeria
    42.   Alxasaurus
    43.   Amargasaurus
    44.   Amazonsaurus
    45.   Ampelosaurus
    46.   Amphicoelias
    47.   Amtocephale
    48.   Amurosaurus
    49.   Amygdalodon
    50.   Anabisetia
    51.   Anasazisaurus
    52.   Anchiceratops
    53.   Anchiornis
    54.   Anchisaurus
    55.   andesaurus
    56.   Angolatitan
    57.   Angulomastacator
    58.   Aniksosaurus
    59.   Animantarx
    60.   Ankylosaurus
    61.   Anodontosaurus
    62.   Anserimimus
    63.   Antarctopelta
    64.   Antetonitrus
    65.   Anthracotherium
    66.   Aorun
    67.   Apatosaurus
    68.   Appalachiosaurus
    69.   Aralosaurus
    70.   Archaeoceratops
    71.   Archaeopteryx
    72.   Archaeornithoides
    73.   Archaeornithomimus
    74.   Arcusaurus
    75.   Argentinosaurus
    76.   Argyrosaurus
    77.   Aristosuchus
    78.   Arizonasaurus
    79.   Arkansaurus
    80.   Arrhinoceratops
    81.   Asylosaurus
    82.   Atacamatitan
    83.   Atlasaurus
    84.   Aucasaurus
    85.   Auroraceratops
    86.   Aurornis
    87.   Australovenator
    88.   Austrocheirus
    89.   Austroraptor
    90.   Avaceratops
    91.   Avemetatarsalia
    92.   Aviatyrannis
    93.   Avimimus
    94.   Avisaurus
    95.   Azendohsaurus
    96.   Bactrosaurus
    97.   Bagaceratops
    98.   Bainoceratops
    99.   Bajadasaurus
    100.   Bambiraptor
    101.   Barapasaurus
    102.   Barosaurus
    103.   Barsboldia
    104.   Baryonyx
    105.   Baurutitan
    106.   Beipiaosaurus
    107.   Beishanlong
    108.   Bellusaurus
    109.   Berberosaurus
    110.   Bissektipelta
    111.   Bistahieversor
    112.   Bolong
    113.   Bonapartenykus
    114.   Bonitasaura
    115.   Borogovia
    116.   Brachiosaurus
    117.   Brachylophosaurus
    118.   Brachytrachelopan
    119.   Breviceratops
    120.   Buitreraptor
    121.   Byronosaurus
    122.   Caenagnathasia
    123.   Camarasaurus
    124.   Camarillasaurus
    125.   Camelotia
    126.   Camposaurus
    127.   Canardia
    128.   Carcharodontosaurus
    129.   Carnotaurus
    130.   Caudipteryx
    131.   Cedarosaurus
    132.   Cedarpelta
    133.   Centrosaurus
    134.   Cerasinops
    135.   Ceratonykus
    136.   Ceratosaurus
    137.   Changchunsaurus
    138.   Chasmosaurus
    139.   Chilantaisaurus
    140.   Chindesaurus
    141.   Chinshakiangosaurus
    142.   Chromogisaurus
    143.   Chuandongocoelurus
    144.   Chuanjiesaurus
    145.   Chungkingosaurus
    146.   Citipati
    147.   Claosaurus
    148.   Coahuilaceratops
    149.   Coelophysis
    150.   Coelurosauravus
    151.   Coelurus
    152.   Compsognathus
    153.   Concavenator
    154.   Conchoraptor
    155.   Condorraptor
    156.   Coronosaurus
    157.   Cryolophosaurus
    158.   Ctenosauriscus
    159.   Dacentrurus
    160.   Daemonosaurus
    161.   Dahalokely
    162.   Daspletosaurus
    163.   Datousaurus
    164.   Deinocheirus
    165.   Deinonychus
    166.   Deltadromeus
    167.   Denversaurus
    168.   Deuterosaurus
    169.   Diabloceratops
    170.   Diamantinasaurus
    171.   Dicraeosaurus
    172.   Dilophosaurus
    173.   Dinheirosaurus
    174.   Diplodocus
    175.   Dongbeititan
    176.   Draconyx
    177.   Dracorex
    178.   Dracovenator
    179.   Dravidosaurus
    180.   Dromaeosauroides
    181.   Dromiceiomimus
    182.   Dryosaurus
    183.   Dubreuillosaurus
    184.   Duriavenator
    185.   Dysalotosaurus
    186.   Echinodon
    187.   Edmontonia
    188.   Edmontosaurus
    189.   Efraasia
    190.   Einiosaurus
    191.   Ekrixinatosaurus
    192.   Elaltitan
    193.   Elaphrosaurus
    194.   Elmisaurus
    195.   Elrhazosaurus
    196.   Emausaurus
    197.   Enantiornithine
    198.   Enigmosaurus
    199.   Eoabelisaurus
    200.   Eoceratops
    201.   Eocursor
    202.   Eodromaeus
    203.   Eolambia
    204.   Eoraptor
    205.   Eosinopteryx
    206.   Eotriceratops
    207.   Eotyrannus
    208.   Epachthosaurus
    209.   Equijubus
    210.   Erliansaurus
    211.   Erlikosaurus
    212.   Eshanosaurus
    213.   Euhelopus
    214.   Euoplocephalus
    215.   Europasaurus
    216.   Eustreptospondylus
    217.   Falcarius
    218.   Ferganasaurus
    219.   Fruitadens
    220.   Fukuiraptor
    221.   Fukuisaurus
    222.   Futalognkosaurus
    223.   Galesaurus
    224.   Gallimimus
    225.   Galvesaurus
    226.   Ganzhousaurus
    227.   Gargoyleosaurus
    228.   Garudimimus
    229.   Gasosaurus
    230.   Gasparinisaura
    231.   Geminiraptor
    232.   Genusaurus
    233.   Genyodectes
    234.   Giganotosaurus
    235.   Gigantoraptor
    236.   Gigantspinosaurus
    237.   Giraffatitan
    238.   Glyptodontopelta
    239.   Gobipteryx
    240.   Gobisaurus
    241.   Gondwanatitan
    242.   Gongxianosaurus
    243.   Gorgosaurus
    244.   Goyocephale
    245.   Graciliceratops
    246.   Graciliraptor
    247.   Gracilisuchus
    248.   Gryponyx
    249.   Gryposaurus
    250.   Guaibasaurus
    251.   Guanlong
    252.   Hadrosaurus
    253.   Hallopus
    254.   Haplocanthosaurus
    255.   Haplocheirus
    256.   Harpymimus
    257.   Helioceratops
    258.   Herbstosaurus
    259.   Herrerasaurus
    260.   Hesperonychus
    261.   Hesperosaurus
    262.   Heterodontosaurus
    263.   Hexing
    264.   Hexinlusaurus
    265.   Heyuannia
    266.   Hippodraco
    267.   Histriasaurus
    268.   Homalocephale
    269.   Huabeisaurus
    270.   Huanghetitan
    271.   Huaxiagnathus
    272.   Huayangosaurus
    273.   Hudiesaurus
    274.   Huehuecanauhtlus
    275.   Hungarosaurus
    276.   Hylaeosaurus
    277.   Hypacrosaurus
    278.   Hypselospinus
    279.   Hypsilophodon
    280.   Ichthyornis
    281.   Ichthyosaur
    282.   Ichthyovenator
    283.   Ignavusaurus
    284.   Iguanacolossus
    285.   Iguanodon
    286.   Ilokelesia
    287.   Incisivosaurus
    288.   Indosaurus
    289.   Indosuchus
    290.   Irritator
    291.   Isisaurus
    292.   Jainosaurus
    293.   Jaklapallisaurus
    294.   Jeholornis
    295.   Jeholosaurus
    296.   Jianchangosaurus
    297.   Jiangjunosaurus
    298.   Jiangshanosaurus
    299.   Jiangxisaurus
    300.   Jinfengopteryx
    301.   Jingshanosaurus
    302.   Jinzhousaurus
    303.   Jixiangornis
    304.   Jobaria
    305.   Judiceratops
    306.   Juratyrant
    307.   Juravenator
    308.   Kaatedocus
    309.   Kayentavenator
    310.   Kazaklambia
    311.   Kentrosaurus
    312.   Kerberosaurus
    313.   Khaan
    314.   Kileskus
    315.   Kinnareemimus
    316.   Klamelisaurus
    317.   Koparion
    318.   Koreaceratops
    319.   Koreasaurus
    320.   Kosmoceratops
    321.   Kotasaurus
    322.   Kritosaurus
    323.   kronosaurus
    324.   Kundurosaurus
    325.   Labocania
    326.   Lagerpeton
    327.   Lambeosaurus
    328.   Lanzhousaurus
    329.   Laornis
    330.   Lariosaurus
    331.   Latirhinus
    332.   Leaellynasaura
    333.   Leonerasaurus
    334.   Leptoceratops
    335.   Lesothosaurus
    336.   Lessemsaurus
    337.   Lewisuchus
    338.   Lexovisaurus
    339.   Leyesaurus
    340.   Liaoceratops
    341.   Liaoningosaurus
    342.   Ligabueino
    343.   Liliensternus
    344.   Limaysaurus
    345.   Limusaurus
    346.   Linhenykus
    347.   Linheraptor
    348.   Linhevenator
    349.   Longisquama
    350.   Lophorhothon
    351.   Lophostropheus
    352.   Loricatosaurus
    353.   Loricosaurus
    354.   Losillasaurus
    355.   Lourinhasaurus
    356.   Luanchuanraptor
    357.   Lufengosaurus
    358.   Lurdusaurus
    359.   Lusitanosaurus
    360.   Lusotitan
    361.   Machairasaurus
    362.   Machimosaurus
    363.   Macrogryphosaurus
    364.   Magnapaulia
    365.   Magyarosaurus
    366.   Maiasaura
    367.   Majungasaurus
    368.   Malarguesaurus
    369.   Malawisaurus
    370.   Maleevus
    371.   Mamenchisaurus
    372.   Mandschurosaurus
    373.   Manidens
    374.   Mantellisaurus
    375.   Mapusaurus
    376.   Marasuchus
    377.   Marshosaurus
    378.   Martharaptor
    379.   Masiakasaurus
    380.   Massospondylus
    381.   Maxakalisaurus
    382.   Medusaceratops
    383.   Megalosaurus
    384.   Megapnosaurus
    385.   Megaraptor
    386.   Melanorosaurus
    387.   Mendozasaurus
    388.   Metriacanthosaurus
    389.   Metriorhynchid
    390.   Microceratus
    391.   Micropachycephalosaurus
    392.   Microraptor
    393.   Microvenator
    394.   Minotaurasaurus
    395.   Mirischia
    396.   Moabosaurus
    397.   Monolophosaurus
    398.   Mononykus
    399.   Montanoceratops
    400.   Mussaurus
    401.   Muttaburrasaurus
    402.   Muyelensaurus
    403.   Mymoorapelta
    404.   Naashoibitosaurus
    405.   Nambalia
    406.   Nanningosaurus
    407.   Nanosaurus
    408.   Nanshiungosaurus
    409.   Nanyangosaurus
    410.   Narambuenatitan
    411.   Nasutoceratops
    412.   Nectosaurus
    413.   Nedcolbertia
    414.   Nedoceratops
    415.   Neimongosaurus
    416.   Nemegtomaia
    417.   Nemegtosaurus
    418.   Neovenator
    419.   Neuquenraptor
    420.   Neuquensaurus
    421.   Nigersaurus
    422.   Ningyuansaurus
    423.   Niobrarasaurus
    424.   Nipponosaurus
    425.   Noasaurus
    426.   Nodocephalosaurus
    427.   Nodosaurus
    428.   Nomingia
    429.   Nothosaur
    430.   Nothronychus
    431.   Notohypsilophodon
    432.   Nqwebasaurus
    433.   Nyasasaurus
    434.   Ojoceratops
    435.   Olorotitan
    436.   Omeisaurus
    437.   Omnivoropteryx
    438.   Oohkotokia
    439.   Opisthocoelicaudia
    440.   Orkoraptor
    441.   Ornithodesmus
    442.   Ornitholestes
    443.   Ornithomerus
    444.   Ornithomimus
    445.   Ornithopsis
    446.   Ornithosuchus
    447.   Orodromeus
    448.   Oryctodromeus
    449.   Otogosaurus
    450.   Ouranosaurus
    451.   Overosaurus
    452.   Oviraptor
    453.   Owenodon
    454.   Oxalaia
    455.   Ozraptor
    456.   Pachycephalosaurus
    457.   Pachyrhinosaurus
    458.   Palaeocursornis
    459.   Palaeopteryx
    460.   Paludititan
    461.   Pampadromaeus
    462.   Pamparaptor
    463.   Panamericansaurus
    464.   Panoplosaurus
    465.   Panphagia
    466.   Pantydraco
    467.   Paralititan
    468.   Paranthodon
    469.   Pararhabdodon
    470.   Parasaurolophus
    471.   Pareiasaur
    472.   Parksosaurus
    473.   Parvicursor
    474.   Patagonykus
    475.   Patagosaurus
    476.   Pawpawsaurus
    477.   Pedopenna
    478.   Pegomastax
    479.   Pelecanimimus
    480.   Pellegrinisaurus
    481.   Peloroplites
    482.   Pelorosaurus
    483.   Penelopognathus
    484.   Pentaceratops
    485.   Petrobrasaurus
    486.   Philovenator
    487.   Phuwiangosaurus
    488.   Piatnitzkysaurus
    489.   Pinacosaurus
    490.   Pitekunsaurus
    491.   Piveteausaurus
    492.   Planicoxa
    493.   Plateosaurus
    494.   Plesiosaur
    495.   Pliosaurus
    496.   Pneumatoraptor
    497.   Podokesaurus
    498.   Poekilopleuron
    499.   Polacanthus
    500.   Poposaurus
    501.   Postosuchus
    502.   Prenocephale
    503.   Prenoceratops
    504.   Probactrosaurus
    505.   Proceratops
    506.   Proceratosaurus
    507.   Procompsognathus
    508.   Prosaurolophus
    509.   Protarchaeopteryx
    510.   Protoceratops
    511.   Protohadros
    512.   Protorosaurus
    513.   Psittacosaurus
    514.   Pterosaur
    515.   Pyroraptor
    516.   Qantassaurus
    517.   Qiupalong
    518.   Rahiolisaurus
    519.   Rahonavis
    520.   Rajasaurus
    521.   Rapetosaurus
    522.   Ratchasimasauru
    523.   Razanandrongobe
    524.   Rebbachisaurus
    525.   Revueltosaurus
    526.   Rhoetosaurus
    527.   Rhopalodon

    I was also a big robotech fan as a kid! This sounds great! I'm not familiar with Lady Blackbird and im a lil brainfried so im having trouble diving into it, but I look forward to checking it out once my brain clears up xD

    i know nothing about medabots but im always supportive of more games 😂

    Thanks so much for the kind words! If you have any comments or questions, lemme know. Lumen: Endgame is still evolving and its exceptionally easy to dig in on changes!

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    Hell yea! What a strong update!

    Hey, "vibe" is totally fine. This is just something to help inspire folks or to group together stuff that fits that theme or vibe, im not overly concerned in policing creativity or inspiration with minutiae! <3

    Thank you for the kind words and review, glad to help make steps in this space in some way (I tried the epub thing and I just couldn't figure out enough) <3