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Thanks! Btw it's out for Android, enjoy the game easier playing on mobile!

Yep, I know others might want to go for quality of quantity, but I do think, quality will always upgrade over time and making a game public for everyone to try out will always give you more feedback and real life criticism. Thank you so much :D will await for your Devlogs if you'll ever make one hehehe :)  

Never underestimate Game Jams! It helped me focus in creating my game even for a newbie like me, though my theme relevance was not really on spot but the Endless Part I can say was 3.5/5 hehehe I really thank the community for pushing my knowledge! It's out for Android, enjoy the game easier playing on mobile!

Hey Guys, it's finally out for mobile through Google Play Store:
Have Fun!

Thanks! Btw it's out for Android, enjoy the game easier playing on mobile!

Thanks! Btw it's out for Android, enjoy the game easier playing on mobile!


Great Game! Would suggest a brighter or something way easier to see you character and a better pathfinding for the enemies.

Everything is perfect! Except for the scrolling part it was quite nausea, I suggest using lerp on that.

Amazing Game! Could use a better lighting but overall quite addicted to the game.

Thanks you for the detailed review, will surely consider what you said, so I can progress more in this Industry! Thanks you so much once more :D

Been playing at it for awhile now, lost track of time, quite addicting to play hahaha

Thank you so much, it means a lot for me! Will adjust the movements a bit, it's too "slippery" after all. Will add a better story as well hehehe.

Glad you loved the  game and it's movement, really thought about it a lot having less deceleration to have the "Space" feels, but will still adjust it a bit. Thanks Again!!

Thank You!

Thank you so much! Will improve on it more.

Glad you enjoyed the game! I'll be honest with you I just found out today my mouse double clicks by itself, after playing my game a couple more time, will really change the controls for this hahaha.

Hey, The Hooded Olive, Thanks for the review! Really hit the home run right there, in fact those pieces you've mention like the game being too long, the art style (yep even me hahaha the intro and the gameplay was kinda different in the art style.) Added those reviews in my to do list, after all I'll be porting this into a mobile game! Love your content keep it up!

Loving the visual and gameplay!

Love the challenge of the game, simple game mechanic which make it an A+!

A nostalgic twist I say! Love it!

Love every second of it, even the dying part hahaha, need some high play skills for this.

Amazing Game, reminds me of Drag n' Boom, without the dragon and the firing, would love some slo-mo action to make it more EPIC! Well Done!

Download winrar or 7zip and extract them

First ever Game Jam I've joined: Xanderwood Spring Jam 3 with the Theme of "Evolve"

Game is Called Seed: The Beginning. It is a small shooter game, I'm also thinking of expanding this game to a larger story and porting it on Mobile Phones. It's my first game that I made, I'm using Construct 3 as my Game Engine, yes others might say that Visual Scripting is nada nada nada, but I'm not like everyone who started their career in coding or has enough money to support their own time and learn a new skill. I'm still learning a little bit of coding everyday through Google's Learning Program. One day I'll use Unity as well, but not today yet.

Yeah, after exporting around 5-6 times, it starts to crash. Though I have a suggestion, how about implementing a local save state, it's quite tiring creating a character and when you start exporting then it crashes. Or implement a on export sprite system, by clicking on it you export every animation immediately, making it an option would be better I think rather than making a saving state. (To be honest I don't know which is easier, I'm just  a stranger on the internet.) Hehehe but as always it's an amazing platform you've created!

Hey there, I'm having some crashes whenever I export.

Hey there, do you have a bundle?

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Greetings Intelligent Being! I am Noob, literally from art to codes, can I use these in my Game Project Commercially? Me Pay as well.

Sent you an email :)

Do you have an email, I would like it to be private. It's a game project after all.

Do you accept custom sprite?