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Base_Line Driller

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It's an Aussie thing mate, you wouldn't get it.

Here's a fun fact; our 1 dollar and 2 dollar coins are made from gold. You know what else is golden?.... {unzips pants}

Damnit, mate, with those marketing skills, consider me sold! Now shut up and take my capitalist AU$2!

I feel like this is bait. Is this bait? :/

Any chance of a download link?

If that's all you take from it, then you entirely miss the point. This is not so much a ''game'', as much as an interactive fiction about the futility and tragedy of war. The people you are shooting are not just concepts for ideology, but human beings with lives and existences. That's what it's trying to do.

So how do you install this mod? Is it just a simple unpack in the main Joyful folder?

Hey how come there's no pause/exit menu? I'm assuming the game saves automatically, then?

The fact you choose to respond with that tells me no.

Can I ask, was this made by, or with the blessings of Australian-Indigenous persons and elders?

Having issues with downloading this. It won't download from here, or install on the desktop app.

Yeah ditto. It sounds awesome, but kinda sad if no one is generating the necessarily traffic. Hopefully it picks up in the future.

Awesome job guys, really dug this. Are you planning on doing any more?

Beautifully made, but I have no clue what my ending reading meant, lol; 'Shed the Inanimate'?

no refund necessary. And sorry if I came off harsh. You got skull, and that's certainly on display, I just think you went a bit overboard, lol (but that's just my opinion, hope it didn't get you down or discourage you or anything). Keep at it. 🙂

Ok there needs to be some major overhauls to this game. Give the size of the screen resolution and how zoomed in it is, it's hard to know where you're going, so either a map or indicator would greatly help. You open the game with vast amounts of info dump that assumes the player has pervious knowledge and that can be overwhelming. I had no idea what I was doing, what my objects were or who I was meant to attack; was I attacking the right person?, am I doing the right thing?, etc. All in all, as is, this a vastly overwhelming and confusing experience. Heck, I couldn't end find my way back to the target board room. Honestly, in my opinion, this game needs to be greatly simplified. Not happy I spent money on it as it is, to be honest,

Hey my biggest note about this was the mouse sensitivity; it just made it a bit jarring and erratic to get around. But otherwise, awesome job. Feel like there's more you can do with this.

Shoot with what though? Are you mean to get a weapon somewhere?

Just a suggestion mate, small thing; might wanna think about adding some alterative controls for laptop users (for example, we can't use F4 to go fullscreen.) Just little nick-picky things like that, lol. :)

Awesome job guys. What's the latest update on this? :)

I had the opposite effect; it was too fast. I got use to it, but just something to be aware of. :)

It takes a few tries to get the hang of, but once you do, yeah, there's something kinda fun and addictive in it's simplicity. Excellent work.  4 stars out of 5. :)

So  does it end when the screen cuts to black but you can still hear the background sounds?

Ar ok, cool. Sorry, wasn't sure if it was live or not. lol

Download link? :)

Downloaded but the folder is empty.

No PayPal option? :)

So what happened to the Steam version? Said release date was 019? (No stress, was just curious. :) )

What's the update on the full version? :)

So I'm assuming there's an Episode 1 laying around somewhere? lol

Noice. Not on Twitter, but I'll follow you guys on here for updates. :)

So, I'm sorry if I've upset anyone, but I also feel, a lot of these responses are kinda, classist, in a way. Look, I'm not saying they can't change what they want, they can, but having a product this expensive also limits people who can buy it. And while I also do know there is some debate about cost of products in and lengths in video games, I still do think it's a conversation that is warranted. I mean not to arrogant, intentionally at least, but I've bought games on here for far less that have had longer lengths; where they good? Well, that's a matter of taste. I guess it's just something developers need to consider or be aware of, that is all. :)

What's the difference between the version with the shader and without? (For those of us who aren't tech savvy, lol)

You need a Commodore 64 emulator, like WinVICE;

What's the progress on this? :)

What's the the update on this? :)

The external download says the game has been removed. I would suggest updating the link, adding the option to download directly from here, or remove this game page entirely.