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Ok so just to clarify; this is NOT the FINAL full release version of the game? Just a bit confusing with you saying above “Early access is over!” Is the game still in early access development, or is the latest released version, Version 0.56., the definitive final version of the game? Maybe make this a bit clearer. Cheers.

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It's also usually why I don't like buying games in early development. I'm ok with paying a one off payment if the product shows potential or peaks my interest, but for ME to pay YOU (i.e, the developer) to MAKE the game, and to PAY continuously????? Well, welcome to free market capitalism, baby! lol

I think what they mean is, in the app, even though they, and myself, have purchased the latest version, 0.55, it's still only showing 0.47 as available download. Does that mean 0.55 is only able to be downloaded out of app? No dramas if the case, but would be nice to have further updates be accessed via the app. :)

Piggybacking off a question that was asked below but doesn't appear to have been answered; if we've already bought version 0.47, does that mean we need to pay separately for the latest version, 0.55, and for further updated versions?
If so, I don't wanna get into an economic ethical debate, but that does seem a bit step and cruel on the consumer part. You gotta remember, it might be $20USA, but here in Australia, that $20 actually coverts close to $30, so you're asking me to pay $30 for a game that's in development for EACH update, which would mean, what, I'm guessing, $100+ all up (depending on released updates, that is)? Wouldn't it better to have a one-off option of say, $30USA (close to $50 in AUS) for the product now and all future updates as they release? Just some things to consider.

Ok so the screenshots show the game is available in English, but all the text in game appears to be Spanish only? And there's no way to switch languages of the text? If is this an error, then you might want to change that in the description.

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It blurs the lines of satire and parody and character study quite nicely. Good stuff.

Are there any plans for an English translation in the future?

I thought I might copy and paste my review, in case people were interested. I gave it three stars. Good effort. :)

For the most part I felt this was a beautifully written piece of (highly cathartic and depressing) interactive fiction, but some of the writing did kind of ick me up the wrong way, small things perhaps, but things that should have made an impact on my over all judgment (i.e, the character who's trying to prevent people from jumping using the word "commit suicide" despite the game wanting to take an objective view of the topic, some of the writing towards women and how a lot of the stories you hear tend to be men wanting to jump IN PARTICULAR because of women who have "wronged" them, some unintentionally but still annoying ableism)
All in all, I did get a lot out of this experience, and I would recommend it to people looking for something that challenges you to think and feel differently about a topic not dared covered by many, just wish the writing was a bit more polished and went through an another pass beforehand.

This is the screenshot from my laptop, direct from the desktop app.

Yep, from my laptop. Just shows the [ESPAÑOL] option as downloadable only.

Hey so the app won't let me download the English edition. Anyone else have this same issue?

Can we please get a patch so this works in the desktop app? Cheers. :)

Can we please get a patch so this works in the desktop app? Cheers. :)

Can we please get a patch so this works in the desktop app? Cheers. :)

Is this going to be uploaded to Steam for that version's release? :)

Can confirm work it works now. Cheers. :)

No stress. It happens more often than you think, lol. Cheers. :)

Can we please get a patch to get this to work in the desktop app. Thanks. :)

Any plans on a English translation? :)

Second this. Not the end of the world ordeal, but it would be nice to have it accessible in the itch app.

Any chance of a download link?

If that's all you take from it, then you entirely miss the point. This is not so much a ''game'', as much as an interactive fiction about the futility and tragedy of war. The people you are shooting are not just concepts for ideology, but human beings with lives and existences. That's what it's trying to do.

So how do you install this mod? Is it just a simple unpack in the main Joyful folder?

Hey how come there's no pause/exit menu? I'm assuming the game saves automatically, then?

The fact you choose to respond with that tells me no.

Can I ask, was this made by, or with the blessings of Australian-Indigenous persons and elders?

Having issues with downloading this. It won't download from here, or install on the desktop app.

Awesome job guys, really dug this. Are you planning on doing any more?

Beautifully made, but I have no clue what my ending reading meant, lol; 'Shed the Inanimate'?

no refund necessary. And sorry if I came off harsh. You got skull, and that's certainly on display, I just think you went a bit overboard, lol (but that's just my opinion, hope it didn't get you down or discourage you or anything). Keep at it. 🙂

Ok there needs to be some major overhauls to this game. Give the size of the screen resolution and how zoomed in it is, it's hard to know where you're going, so either a map or indicator would greatly help. You open the game with vast amounts of info dump that assumes the player has pervious knowledge and that can be overwhelming. I had no idea what I was doing, what my objects were or who I was meant to attack; was I attacking the right person?, am I doing the right thing?, etc. All in all, as is, this a vastly overwhelming and confusing experience. Heck, I couldn't end find my way back to the target board room. Honestly, in my opinion, this game needs to be greatly simplified. Not happy I spent money on it as it is, to be honest,

Hey my biggest note about this was the mouse sensitivity; it just made it a bit jarring and erratic to get around. But otherwise, awesome job. Feel like there's more you can do with this.

Shoot with what though? Are you mean to get a weapon somewhere?

Just a suggestion mate, small thing; might wanna think about adding some alterative controls for laptop users (for example, we can't use F4 to go fullscreen.) Just little nick-picky things like that, lol. :)