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thank you for the reply~
wouldn't have noticed it without it.

Type Dreams.

i don't want my money back, i want to be able to actually play this game.
it was fun.
but the creator seems to have dissapeared into thin air.
i hope he's alright.

i'd like to be redirected to the category of practice i was in before i began an excercise.

also, would a speed-up be possible when you press spacebar longer? or would that just be confusing?

Fix: delete %USERPROFILE%/Saved Games/TypeDreams/[save name]_cache.dat

this seems to have no negative effect on progress.

deleting the cache file of the associated save make is start up again.

i encountered the same bug.

also right after exiting from road mode.

duplicate of:

creating a new profile is allowed, it then shows that it is first in 5 different places.

upon hitting enter, it crashes with the same error message.

i can no longer play the game.

(1 edit)

the game loads.

profile selection is visible.

upon pressing space once, it hovers on my account, then it crashes.

error message:

Error: Error running function 'repeatedly_execute':

Error: Array index out of bounds (index: 1, bounds: 0..0)

game crashed during second page of a contest.

the typist was the third typer in remington (the one with the moustache)

the book, was random.

error message:

in  GlobalScript.asc  line 7480

from   GlobalScript.asc line 13146

Error: error running function 'on_key_press':

Error: Script appears to be hund (a while loop ran 150001 times). the problem may be in a calling function; check the call stack.

(i have no idea how to get a stacktrace, i would get one for you if i could.)

game crashed on second or third page of a contest.

the typist was the second caligraph typist.

the book was a book with a baby blue cover.

error message:

in "GlobalScript.asc", line 12293

Error: GUI.X: co-ordinates specified are out of range


WHAAAT. that's so unfair.

I love Type Dreams so far, my only issue so far is the navigation, which is quite bothersome atm.

i wish you the best of luck, whatever you choose to do.

is the nude model that sometimes appears on the main menu supposed to have outline-only frames in the animation?

is there a way i can find out how to unlock certain books?

i had a bug where i could not exit the poetry section using the esc key, have not been able to replicate this since.