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Type Dreams

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Misc glitches/questions

A topic by bartterpstra created May 04, 2019 Views: 116 Replies: 1
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is the nude model that sometimes appears on the main menu supposed to have outline-only frames in the animation?

is there a way i can find out how to unlock certain books?

i had a bug where i could not exit the poetry section using the esc key, have not been able to replicate this since.

1. Yes

2. For now, that's a matter of exploring the game. Most are opened through speed/accuracy landmarks, streak count, competitors, number of rounds played, winning races, completing new exercises, etc. Others are more concealed.

3. Huh. Please let me know if it disconnects there again. I'll comb that chunk of scripting with this stuckstate in mind. Thanks for pointing it out, here!