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Type Dreams

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Crash after game start

A topic by Duke_Scum created May 03, 2019 Views: 112 Replies: 4
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After I start the game and I press space bar to select my save file, the game crashes. I get this error message: 

Thank you for including a screenshot; this is a new one for me. I'd like to have it ironed out for this weekend's update.

Meantime, if you're not yet able to play under any profile, I'd suggest clearing out the savedata and starting fresh:

The default location (in Windows) is: %USERPROFILE%/Saved Games/TypeDreams

Which operating system are you using? Also, (just throwing out some guesses here) some players have encountered hangups depending on where the game file is unzipped  (ie: Program Files is troublesome).

Thank you, again! Can't wait to stitch this up and get you type dreamin'.

Thanks, I did clear out my savedata and it worked fine after. However, the problem happened again after playing road mode. It seems whenever I quit from road mode and then start the game again I get the same error at the same place. I guess I'll be sure to avoid road mode for now since its happened twice.  I can't be mad since there was a warning about bugs before playing it lol. 

I'm using a Windows 10 OS and I unzipped the game file in a folder titled "Type Dreams" in my Desktop, if that information helps.

For now I'll clear my savedata again. I didn't get far the second time because I wanted to see if it happened again after Alt-Xing out of road mode. So far I'm really enjoying my time with it, despite this hangup. 

i encountered the same bug.

also right after exiting from road mode.

deleting the cache file of the associated save make is start up again.