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Thanks, I did clear out my savedata and it worked fine after. However, the problem happened again after playing road mode. It seems whenever I quit from road mode and then start the game again I get the same error at the same place. I guess I'll be sure to avoid road mode for now since its happened twice.  I can't be mad since there was a warning about bugs before playing it lol. 

I'm using a Windows 10 OS and I unzipped the game file in a folder titled "Type Dreams" in my Desktop, if that information helps.

For now I'll clear my savedata again. I didn't get far the second time because I wanted to see if it happened again after Alt-Xing out of road mode. So far I'm really enjoying my time with it, despite this hangup. 

After I start the game and I press space bar to select my save file, the game crashes. I get this error message: