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Bar Fight!

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The combat system is now kinda functional - bash an enemy and then absorb them. But watch out! They bash back.

Devlog: introducing... the Beam Wolf!
Nasty fangs and a dangerous beam attack.

Devlog - I now have a primary game loop. Once you bash an enemy they will be stunned and then you can absorb them. Win!?

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I also use EZGif and it really is a pain to get the GIF under the 3MB limit. What I've found I've had to do with EZGif is to first optimise by removing every 4th frame (reduce the frame rate), then download that result and then upload again and finally optimise with compression. It's such a drag... :)

Devlog - I implemented collision detection. Now go bash that ghost!

And now... enemy pathfinding!

Hello #screenshotsaturday! I'm playing around with lanterns in the graveyard of my 3d-ish game.

Updated with some better trees and landscape and now you're a ghost!

I started forming a new idea for a 3d-ish game. Right now it's just a squid walkin' around among the trees.

Thank you for the nice comment! You can also install the game directly on your Android phone by visiting and adding it to your home screen. It is a PWA which will add an icon and play in full screen mode on Android and iPhone.