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based Don't starve like artstyle love it

my own lil santa trophy!!!

i like this, you know why? i get to do Kirby dance

although very small, it can have some cool tactics. i like it

never going to a haunted mansion! 10/10 great atmosphere

i love how fluid the movements are and the squimshy boxes hehe

really fun game loved the gun visuals and artstyle

very cute and short

I'm glad to have helped develop this game , it's simple with a little bit of difficulty spike but it's fun

Loved all of the visuals and the music/sfx

the AI feels goofy at times which I like.
And the whole mansion looks awesome!
And great atmosphere.

you guys all did a great job

fun little game , the art is super charming and the game is kinda stressful

but my smooth brain could handle more than 4 rules lol

I was wondering why didn't you credit the EZM Reader... then I realized , you're the one who made it! 

Thank you , you're a blessing to zine makers

truly a moment (also Zine maker is fricking awesome)


it's a must play , if you like short stories and attention to detail.

I loved every single dialogue in this game , and the music was absolutely beautiful all the way.

and what a nice and short story , nothing wrong happens at all...

I like the idea , a fast paced puzzle game.

Gave me a lot of stress.

even though I wish there were more levels.

would recommend breakcore music for more sweat.10/10

I really love this , it has the potential of a bomb!

certified tutel moment

really cool puzzle design
And a nice spin on rabbit and tutel race

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but it doesn't even have sound , how did you liked it?

I don't mind brutally honest criticism so go for it if you want.


All hail the Greetings Cult

I loved every single second of this game .
the music is delightful , art and color palette is really good and the story telling is was a whole journey on itself.

My only complain is that the character controls feel a little bit stiff but overall this game is really good!

Thank you!
And about the bug...
I was literally making levels using that "feature" but didn't have time and it was too weird and hard to pull off to be a game mechanic... so i only used it on the last level as a joke.

I love it! It shows the full glory of THE GREETINGS CULT.
And it's filled with funny jokes , I like a games that have humor.

Only issue was really long black screens after cutscenes(story text)
Overall it's really good!

There is no lose condition (I wasn't skilled enough) so you just get softlocked... sorry
The whole concept of that level was to guide the AI to pass the level

Btw thanks for playing my game!! it was my first "finished" game

I wasn't skilled enough to add a lose condition so I just added a restart button "R" whenever you get softlocked.
thanks for playing my game ! I'm sorry if it made you frustrated.

this game looks friggin great

very fun and challenging levels with awesome visuals , I like it but I wish there was a start button so the tank didn't go on itself

This game is hilarious XD

Wow I freaking loved it. It has a really good concept!

Only thing it needs is some polish.

btw this was my first jam too

simple and exactly on theme

And now I have an Ant buddy :D

I'm so happy that my first finished(kinda) game is in WOWIE!! game jam. Literally this is my favorite game jam since the WOWIE!!1.0 game jam when I saw it in Youtube!

the visuals look really damn nice!