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Très belle réalisation ! 

Hi! Thank you so much
You have a level selection screen where you can choose at which level to start by clicking on the white arrows :) 

Thank you, appreciate it!

Yes deflecting is important to gain score. It is interesting to see how you figured it out. Great video, thank you!

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Merci pour ton commentaire c'est sympa, pas mal le score ! 

Thank you for your comment and your video, really appreciate it :)

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The game was release on a few days ago now but there it is!
 NEON is an endless runner where you can deflect everything  on your way. It is very satisfying, you should try it ;p


Really nice video, that was an awesome feedback! You can change the Q key in the launcher settings. That was a local game jam so we didn't planned qwerty keyboards. However, we keep that in mind for the next update :)

PS : You can't deflect red cars ;)

Merci pour ces mots toute l'équipe apprécie ! Je ne connaissais pas la GDWC, ça à l'air intéressant, on va se renseigner merci pour l'info ;)

Hi! Didn't try it, for the moment it's only on windows, sorry

Hi, thank you so much for the feedback and the patience you had during your video! The bugs you encountered are now fixed :) 

Thank you so much for your feeback and your video! I'm glad you liked it!