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Thanks Spontini, we will! I hope he wanna do other games with me :)

Nice tower defense game :) Looking forward to see more of your games !

GG! I have to rework the UI because many people missed the fact that this is a button :) Thanks for playing!

This my very fist build with Godot made the last day of the jam. I have to work on the build size for sure, I'll do it after the jam, I learned the hard way too that I was not able to build for web if I used C# instead of GDScript...

Thanks Melon! Louis is very happy with your comment :)

I liked the game idea but I always ended up stucked in the middle of the cherries without any ability to move and nothing do do. I also have flying archers. You've got a good base to improve on, keep up the good work :)  

Nice shooter with minimalistic graphics. I'd like to have something to win like a survival timer or an item to grab for the win :)

Very cool survival horror game, I wish the controls were simpler because once you enter a room it is very hard to get out alive if there's a monster. Or at least a way to pull the monsters by making noise. Did you use some kind of navigation mesh for the enemies path because they run on wall ^^ You have a great game here, a good idea an plenty of thing to improve, I'm looking forward to a next release :) Did you try our Zombie Trapper game? 

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Very hard game to control, I love the farting pepe in the tutorial :) I'd love to have a press space tips to skip to the next text as I was obliged to read the game page to know what to do. Did you play Zombie Trapper?

Liked this platformer, especially that you can alter the level and the modification are kept between runs, this could be a great concept to work on. Didi you survive the Zombie Trapper? Great job!

Sorry itch won't let me upload my screenshot, sorry about that :(

Hey! Liked the game :) I managed to survive to a point that the floor was so crowded and the game began to slow down. My character fell off the game so I was under the floor on this screenshot :) Maybe you should diversify the gameplay with healing. And what can I do with the cogs? Did you survive the Zombie Trapper?

Very cool concept focused on exploration and story, I love this. I tried to reach the far east but didn't had the time. I have to try with a full chrono meter ;) 

Nice gam! Spamming maxed ketchup bottles is very powerful! Did you survive Zombie Trapper?

I'll give another shot, thanks! Did you try our game? 

Thanks Dark Soul, yes I will, I just wait for the end of the jam to get the most feedback out of this experience :) 

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Cool game! Except that I have not enough memory to recall an order more than 2 seconds and I lost too much reputation clicking on the customers. On thing I thought is too "punitive" is that the time is not frozen while you're reading the tutorial. You should make a first day much easier to jump in. Let me see the order too, my local hotdog maker took notes haha :) I really enjoyed the story, and I agree that small businesses are killed ky shitty fast food restaurants, plus the fact that people don't take time to go outside on a walk... True story

Thanks Lizzard!

That's ok for you first run! Everybody tells me that this is blood, but I did not make the trails red to avoid to be gory (I told my kid that this is dirt because they are crawling on the ground)

Thanks CeyKie! I have to give another try of your game if you plan to update it, post me!

Thanks! I made the cursor red because that's complementary color to green, but I'm open to any suggestion :) 

Thanks csf91! I think we will make other games with my son. Many players have reported that the player speed is too high, and that is true! I think I'll lower the default speed in a near future but I have to wait for the end of the rating period :) I'll lower the speed and add a push to run on shift, something like that. I also wanted to add some kind of  stamina bar that consumes on build and run.

Thanks Eric, we had a lot of fun making these! 

Thanks a lot, looking forward for the reload update! 

Really nice game, I love the assets, the animation are very fluid! The hardest part is to time your combos. Did you try the Zombie Trapper? Keep up the good work!

Mona Lisa rules!  Fun tower defense game, I love the theme of the art last stand! I used to make tower defense game I love that :) Dis you managed to survive the Zombie Trapper?

Thank you Dark Soul <3

Very nice game! Is there a way to reload you gun manually? It would be great because I have to empty the charger before reloading :) Very cool game, bravo!

I managed to  survive to make almost 100k score ^^ I would be nice to have a survived time :) At some point I jus't could't repair my generator and I don't know why. I like the pixel art and the cheap tune you put in it. I would flip the sprite depending on where you are aiming instead of your direction vector. Nice submission! Will you survive Zombie Trapper?  

I can feel a Vampire Survivor vibe here! I think a bit more of UI to understand your health would give be a better appreciation on how I will survive or not to the next hit :) Keep up the good, work! Have survived to Zombie Trapper?  

The game idea of defending is good but I had hard time to master the fight mechanics. Some time where you can be frustrated because the melee hit won't go off or your fireball seem to hit the ceiling instead of your target. I think a better fight integration will serve a great concept.

I did understand that I can roll dice when your circle encounter another enemy circle; but I did not understand how can i move my circle to hit other enemies? I'd like to save humanity from the goblin invasion! The game looks good but the onboarding is quite hard :) 

You're welcome! Did you tried our game Zombie Trapper? i'd like to get you feedback on it :) 

I managed to blow up some balloons but I really don't understand how to pilot the plane, if you have any pro tips, I'll take it :)

Maybe it is my keyboard layout that is bad. I play with an AZERTY layout, so I'll give it another try right now. Did you try our game Zombie Trapper ?

I liked the idea of the reverse tower defense ! i managed to pass the first level by spamming taurens then the next by spamming swarms. Then I died on the level where you have fire ball towers. i think you can improve the concept and the user experience by putting more on the UI. Your game is very nice, good job!

Thank you porkrind! I want to add more than in the future version :)

Yes it finally worked when I switched to US layout. I got stuck at the last stand (the stand #2 with the moles ^^)

I used Godot for the first time this jam. I worked many years with Unity. i have to say it's refreshing and very fun to use. I think that Godot has a brilliant future as an open source engine. I think it will be a leader of the industry like did Blender. Godot has my full support !

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Nice shmup! I didn't beat the level 3, I think i didn't get how to aim missiles at first :) keep up the good work