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When we needed her most... she returned


yes yes yes yes yes yes

So sorry. I spoke with the team and we decided we'll patch out the existing characters and replace them both with Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series. They will still be gay, though.


Hi jukesy,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. This was my first ever Twine game that I released quite some time ago - I've since switched computers a few times and I'm not 100% sure where the file still lives, though I may be able to scrounge it up. That said, if it's an issue wjth how I coded the game I don't know if I have the coding skills to fix it.

With that said, I'm very active in the Twine community, and if this is an issue with Twine itself it merits fixing. I'll do some asking around to see if I can get this fixed - thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Wish I'd seen this six months ago! Thanks for the compliment - I dig Ligotti, especially The Troubles of Dr. Thoss. I don't remember if that's what I was going for with the writing in this project, but thanks nonetheless!

glad you liked it! This was my "scope creep" project and I was lucky to finish it.  Thanks for going through and finding all the minutia!

Had this recommended on Twitter and definitely enjoyed checking it out. I also like the vague writing style - clearly something more going on. Wouldn't mind seeing more of this hint-hint-wink-nudge-nudge

The project can be added to your Itch library by rating and I believe by downloading, but itch does not support "claiming" projects. Moreover, this project will remain free rather than just staying free for a limited time, so there's no need to "claim" it.

That is indeed very strange, especially if it worked before. I looked up the issue and found a couple suggestions:

-Are your drivers fully updated? Sounds like they can often be the source of this tomfoolery

-Have you tried redownloading/re-unzipping the folder? Maybe something got messed up in translation.

-Do you use anything called "Sweetfx"? That could be the source of the issue.

A completely unrelated post had this fix as a suggestion for Vampire: The Masquerade and a bunch of other games, but I have no idea how it'll handshake with our game:

1. go to your games folder (usually Program Files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines)
2. Locate dxgi.dll. (If it's not there, go to (C:)/windows/system32 and copy+paste it from there.)
3. Rename dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll in your game folder

If all else fails, A Place, Forbidden is also available on Steam, so you could try that version and see if it explodes. As you may have guessed, I'm not the brains of the code operation, so I'll check with my other team members as well.

Thanks a bunch for the kind words, Mikey! We really appreciate knowing we're doing something right!

I'm still always surprised when people find (and like) this game. Thanks for playing!

Our game's free, but if it can help I think we'd like to  be included:

how has nobody found this yet

this was a profoundly bizarre experience and I'm glad I could partake in it

Dug it! Gave you a shout on twitter, though I regrettably could not find anything with which to tag you. Great stuff!

Thanks for entering! Really liked the environment art and music!

A Place, Forbidden, was built in Unreal.

Which tablet puzzle are you referring to? I might be able to give you a hint!

Yep! The demo's really more of a prologue to the setting/characters.

Thanks for playing!

Presuming you already have the item near the broken CRT, I recommend checking the note on the desk again, as that will lead you to a particular code for a particular lockbox.

If you'd like me to just tell you the solution to the puzzle I can as well.

Sorry to hear that you got stuck! Do you mind if I ask which room it was that gave you so much trouble?

I believe we will have support for this at some point in the near future. If so, I'll be sure to post an update about it!

Currently we do not intend to support Mac, just because of the weird way that Unreal and iOS handshake (you need an Apple computer to build for Mac, and even if we worked that out the end result would be badly optimized and buggy). Sorry about that!

Heyyy, thanks a million, n3dd! I'm glad that our project hit the proper notes with you!

I believe we have controller support, if that's what oyu mean!

This is the full version of the game, yes. It will likely receive at least one significant content update in the future, however.

My only advice would be updating to 1909 or changing the resolution. Aside from that I'm sorry, but I'm really not sure what to advise. 

Glad you liked the writing, especially that the metaphorical stuff didn't completely alienate you, because I think it would have me (and I wrote it). Thanks for including us in your video!

Frankly, our team's a little baffled. We've theorized that it could be due to resolution or not having updated drivers/Windows Updates. What version of windows are you running?

I've never quite seen this before - can ask my team, but regrettably I'm not the brains of the operation here. Have you tried redownloading?

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We're sorry, but we've removed your submission from the Haunted Hunting Jam. We don't believe it matches closely enough with the central theme of the jam and reflect this in our guidelines:

"Your submission should be centered around the theme of the hunt. If hunting, or being hunted, is only tangentially related to your project, your project may be removed."

We wish you luck in the future!

You're totally fine to lean on your own assets! 

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The crows of the forest begin to call as one, a grim orchestra of foreboding. Soon the forest shall be available to the public. 

For this occasion, a dark gathering has coalesced in the depths of Discord.

Perhaps, if you're not faint of heart, you may find some fellow foolhardy souls to begin your hunt with. Or, perhaps you will become lost to the dark, and turn to ghoulish ways like so many others...

There is definitely a lot more where this came from, though we don't currently have a release date set in stone. My hope is that it'll be out in the next few months, but if anyone tries to hold me to that if the full game's not out by then I will deny, deny, deny. 
Glad you liked it!

Ahh, sorry Brian! There's some weirdness with the way Unreal handshakes with Macs; you basically need a Mac, and have to change a bunch of settings, in order to build to Mac. If we figure out a workaround I'll let you know, but at the moment we don't have an alternate build. :(

I've heard tale that the full game may or may not be considerably longer than this. I've also heard that this demo may or may not be a unique level created specifically for the PS1 demo disc. 

Whatever the case, glad you liked it!