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Layout is clean and straightforward, and the concepts mesh well - the only real gap I see is that CHArisma, which plays a larger role in UVGs assumptions than many other games, has no representation. Oddly, it's the only stat I think I'd really miss - Skills/Abilities cover plenty.

You'll need a copy of UVG to get your mileage here, and hopefully some PbtA or free roleplay or other 'mixed-outcome' game experience to get in the flow of the game. Nothing is duplicated here, UVG content is page-referenced; the guidance is hands-off.

I think most groups that would go through the trouble of rolling different shaped dice and counting XP would appreciate some concrete mechanics (HP, damage, and so on)... but then again, it's spartan the way World of Dungeons is.

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fingers perpetually crossed, even for the softcover being restocked :)

I picked up the PDF but it’s just not the same!

Same question - still staring at that "Out of stock while reprint pending" note on ExaltedFuneral!

Included in the larger file is a business pleasure misery card for Mork Bork. It's a pocket calendar for the apocalypse!

Smooth sailing on windows at least. Install font the normal way and then open Affinity! Some fancypants fonts may work better with custom ligatures enabled through the Typography panel.

I’ve already played twice and now I have two new point-crawl maps to use for other games. This is a fun little roll-and-draw!

I had hoped to include Ortiz Morse (is trying his best) in this jam but due to incineration and peanuts, missed the cutoff.

hi, happy to add our two-player jam: