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Hi! I'm certainly not the first one to use this effect (perhaps the first in a game with this kind of aesthetic) :) I appreciate you asking and I would also appreciate the shoutout <3 Good luck with your project!

Thanks so much for playing! It was really interesting to see the contrast between your first and last run :)

Thanks again, Darenn! Hoping to get to that release sometime :)

Live and learn! :) Congrats on completing the jam with a solid entry ✨

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This little gem is why I love game jams. Mysterious sci-fi setting, fantastic atmosphere created by the minimalistic approach to graphics, and the excellent music and sound design. Gameplay could use a bit of polish for ease of use, but nonetheless a fantastic entry.

Well done!!

That was really interesting, thanks for the game :) I can't help but wonder what this might be like in versus multiplayer…you might have something here!

Nice little experience :) I particularly liked the jump mechanic, it feels weighty, responsive, and polished. Nice level design too, slowly building up to the most difficult challenges. Well done!

A perfect score from me. Excellent execution on the dungeon crawler formula, and a masterclass on juicing gameplay with procedural animation (the damping on that grid movement 😚👌🏻), VFX, and sound design.

Incredible work!!

A really solid take on the tower defense format, if a bit on the easy side. Nonetheless, it hooked me in just fine and I sat through two entire stages all the way to wave 40 :) Awesome release!

I love the sense of scale you get by having the moon there as an object not just as uninteractive background. Not a bad game for 3 days!

Thank you!!

Hah, I kind of regret exposing that much of the rules on the page as it seems more intimidating than they actually are once you start playing. Unfortunately I had to deprioritise the in-game tutorial, but I'll likely be adding that in a post-jam version.

1410 is pretty good! Thank you for playing and for the feedback!! :)

Thank you for playing! Yeah the random drops can get a bit punishing right now… :)

Yeah several players gave me feedback that having a preview of upcoming actions would introduce a nice layer of strategy — and I agree! Likely something I will add in a post-jam version.

Thanks so much for the feedback!!

Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

Thank you!!

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Thank you for the kind words!

Thanks so much <3

Thank you for playing!!

There is…zero tuning on the random selection. Every turn it picks how many actions you get, then rolls for each. Everything else is your brain ascribing intent to it. Funny how that works :D Thank you for the feedback!

I was surprised how usable the interface was at this resolution. I got the core mechanic very fast, but it took me a while to understand the bonus system. That clicked by about mid-game and accelerated my progress nicely from there.

My only complaint is that it was a bit difficult to orient myself around my settlement due to the darkness, but that's what you chose as your main narrative theme so it's understandable, and it didn't really hinder gameplay much.

Very chill game, well done :)

Hectic gameplay without becoming overwhelming. Elegant design, impeccable pixel art, springy procedural animations, fun character design, sound design and music to match. I can't find a single thing to critique about this!

From one count-your-harvest-score-screen game's dev to another's: well done!!

The polish on this is incredible.

My only gripe was that the scale of the character combined with its speed make for a quite disorienting experience, but I do feel like the somewhat merciful amount of dangerous obstacles —at least near the beginning of levels— counterbalance this somewhat. Zooming out helped quite a bit though!

Overall a really really solid entry. You should feel proud!!

I love the main mechanic, I love the character design and the mysterious setting, and I love the cheeky bending of the 64x64 rule ;)

With regards to gameplay, I struggled a lot with figuring out which exit can be traversed by which character, and when the characters were in the same room there's no way I've found to discern which one I was controlling just by looking at it. All in all a pretty solid package, well done!

This was fun but I think I developed an RSI by the end :D

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That was lovely :) A meditative experience underlined by the chill music. Loved the sprinkle of micro-strategy required to get around the fact you can't drill above yourself. All around elegant design, well done!!

:( All I can advise you is to maybe try a different browser for the web version…

But here's a video of gameplay so at least you get a better feel for it if you want to rate:

Thanks so much for the nice feedback!

Thank you for the kind words!!

Thank you for the feedback! I'll likely be adding lookahead to the post-jam version :)

Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it

I'm glad to hear that, thanks for playing! :)

Thank you!!

Thanks so much :)

That's unfortunate :( Did you try both the web version or downloading?

I would consider somehow disincentivising hovering near the top of the screen. Right now it makes little sense to reduce the umbrella's coverage by bringing it closer to the bottom, unless due to the second or two to hit the powerup collectible, which is not a whole lot of time.

While the gameplay is quite simplistic, you have a complete package here including a main menu and some settings. That's good scoping! :) Keep it up

Very clever core mechanic and elegant level design to underline it. You've got something here!

Honestly my only criticism is the slight quirkyness to the character/camera that results in some jitter which is a bit distracting, but otherwise the level of polish on this is nuts.

Incredibly impressive for a solo project, bravo!

It's really hard to find fault here. Love the unique art style, character designs, the shooty twist on platforming, as well as the sound and music. All around amazing work!

There's a LOT packed into this jam entry, you should feel proud! I played on normal difficulty and I did feel like I ran into some bugs (all the boss did was defend), but it was a fun experience overall!

You picked a tough genre to balance and mixed in procedural generation to boot; I think the biggest issue is somewhere at the intersection of these. E.g. how rare a particular material is vs what kind of skills it gives me access to vs the return on investment on the cost to use those skills in battle. Because of these imbalances I was gravitating to only 2 or 3 of the many available skills to get the most bang for my buck, and likely missed a bunch of cool stuff.

I liked the graphics in general, and the VFX in particular.

Impressive effort for a solo project! Keep it up :)