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I think that the current mechanic feels too much erratic but with more polish it can be a very interesting concept. Actually this fits to the theme nicely,  Good job for this jam!

I think that more mechanics and lenght would be a great idea to implement. Anyways, good job!

Interesting level design. There are just a little number of assets but they are nice and very functional. I enjoyed it a lot, good job! :)

Nice visual style!

Simple and effective. It suits the theme nicely and it's cool to see different mechanics and level design :)

Nice interesting turn to the tower defense genre, and it fits perfectly to the theme. I like it a lot, but I think that with more polish as clamping the player position or adding more animations it could have been even more interesting. Good job!

So solid and interesting but no so challenging puzzles. Good work, I enjoyed it a lot :)

I like a lot the unique art style! :)

The main character design and all the portraits are so good and funny, hehe (Alan is Top). I think that more types of enemies would make it a more interesting game. Good job anyways :)

It's so nice to see this level of presentation for a game jam entry, it totally makes a great experience :)

This game just shows you how if you get nervous things only get worse, hehe. Very interesting concept for this theme complemented with pleasant graphics. Good job team!  : )

So interesting concept. It's so hard to win the first level :(

Hey, nice puzzle game. However the main mechanic is difficult to master, with all the list of remaining moves in higher levels. Good job anyways :)

Pity I didn't fully understand the game but the animations and music are dope.

Thanks so much, this is a university project we actually present today. It's an honor for us you played it :)