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I like the visual style, does a good job of staying simple and still eye-catching.

Finding Sutherland is a collaboration between Liz and Scott, Artist and Programmer.  It's our first serious collaboration after dozens of prototypes.  We've put together a teaser of the game in the video below.  

We recently integrated original music by Nathalie Bonin.  The music is emitted from each gravity source and serves as an audible cue for proximity to hidden gravity sources.  We are quite pleased with the results after integrating the new music.

All the footage in the trailer is actual gameplay.  In Finding Sutherland you explore clusters of mass with the ability to reverse gravity.  Find hidden masses by using visual sensors that describe the gravitational currents.  Listen for each layer of music a mass emits to serve as an audible cue of hidden gravity sources.

If you like the trailer, please take some time to try out the demo and let me know what you think.  We're always looking for feedback and are currently working on building a full game.
Finding Sutherland WebGL demo

Thanks fluffy!  I just saw this comment, guess I'm not getting notifications for comments yet.  Thanks for checking it out and I'm looking forward to seeing more of you and playing more of your games!