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thanks a million dollars. I love this little doohikey and i just wanna see it become even greater

I feel like one religion takes over very quickly and its very rare for that to be thrown off anytime soon. for instance, im doing a massive 4000 star sim and only like 80 years in, Ultimar is the main religion in almost every empire, with 4 to 5 star systems having another religion maybe, but they always get swallowed up. perhaps there could be a system where if there is enough of a minority religion, they will revolt for independence in order to maintain their faith or if the empire is one religion but makes up more than half another religion, they auto switch? just a thought love this mod alot.

For some reason i can't get the update. There is no link even though yes, i in fact own the game.

Personally, i think the game would be so much more fun with some little tweaks.

  1.  For the love of god, rework your UI. I'm usually gentle but its aweful to control.  if i am building and then get attacked and need to control units, i have to go back to the building tab press back and then i can control my units and it is confusing and sometimes you can't, for example I had selected a unit and went to movie it but when i clicked i was building so it would just build a house for something. I think it would serve better to be able to right click and be able to go back to the main interface, no building options. 
  2. Your enemies are to vicious, you need to nerf them because i have to resort to walling up very quickly, stnting my growth and then when i make a new settle ment, they come and attack cause i have to build up some infrastructure to be able to have a militia. 
  3. Lastly, Your Happiness system would work better as positive or negative. It should be based more around food supply and Employment (say if you have half your region not employed, your happiness would take a huge hit) rather than you building twenty monuments when you could be making smelters and bakers. if your populations happiness is too low for too long, a proportion of the city revolts, not when you arent making them 100% happy. 

Thats my ideas, I love the game so far but those are problems that just make me more frustrated than challenged.