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Yes, though it’s not in-game. After you launch the game once, you can see a file called “input.txt” in the DMK_Saves folder. You can edit that file to change the mapping for the focus, fire, and bomb buttons. The input key numbers are in “input_reference.txt” in the same folder.

Hey Xziled, if you’re interested in doing some stuff for the next jam, send me a message on Discord (Bagoum#4773), I couldn’t find you in the jam server

That sounds like a great idea, let’s definitely discuss more at the next jam :)

Yeah, I also made that VN (how is it so easy to tell? :thonk: ), the VN functionality is almost complete at this point, so if you want to use it in the near future, it should be possible :)

I’m vaguely sorry that it cramped up your ratings time (though it’s nice that you enjoyed learning about the fictional land of California, definitely worth the time).

That warning looks about right, I guess the only difference might be some choppier animations in-game. Nice to know it went well :)

Also, cool live translation (I don’t know Spanish, but it’s still nice to see!)

I’m glad you enjoyed the lesson! I enjoy writing these sorts of setups that are light but also pretty philosophical at times.

Also, I’m not sure what should happen with 144hz monitors, did it give you a warning about refresh rate or something?

PS. Please get me out of California, it’s been overcast for the past week and yet not a single drop of rain has fallen.

Thanks! Now that you mention it, I guess this is very much a college-student style of writing. Apparently I haven’t grown out of that phase yet (w).

A Linux build for SiMP is also possible, ping me on Discord and we can take a look at putting one together.

Thanks! The blur style is actually the laziest possible implementation, it just uses low-LOD sampling. Technically not even a blur :P

I’m planning to add an on-screen button prompt for common navigation keys to avoid confusion, regrettably that didn’t make it in this version (but it is Z/left click to confirm and X/right click to go back for anyone reading these comments).

It ain’t easy being a Californian…

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Best game of the jam for me. The core mechanic is really simple and extensible, and you get a lot of really nice puzzle and traversal gameplay out of it. Reminds me of Yoku’s Island Express and also the Mirror Temple levels in Celeste where you have to carry Theo around. Problematizing movement is really cool! Could use some more tutorializing around some of the features like string tension (but the fact that that needs to be tutorialized at all is proof of the mechanic’s potential). Nice minimal aesthetic too.

certified hyper kino poggers

Yachie and Sannyo are absolutely making out aggressively while screaming insults at each other, that’s the most important takeaway

Thanks! Most of the topics brought up in the text are things I happened to research while writing. One day I hope to be knowledgeable enough to write off the top of my head :)

I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it! I can assure you that only a very small number of things in this game were made up. Trust nobody, not even random touhou fanfics on the internet!

144 FPS won’t happen since there’s no reasonable way to make a 144 FPS replay functional on a 60 FPS screen or vice versa. Though if you make your own DMK projects you can change the internal frame rate to whatever you like :)

I can’t see the attached screenshot so I’m not sure what the error is, but feel free to message me on Discord at Bagoum#4773 for troubleshooting.

Sounds like an audio-related issue? Haven’t seen anyone else run into that. If you send me the logs from the DMK_Logs folder I should be able to figure something out. (You can message me on Discord at Bagoum#4773)