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But its the price of a coffee

I just wanted to pop into the comments here and say firstly, the games presentation is super cute, its so soft with a really nice colour palette.
Secondly, I just wanted to say how inspiring I think it is that you've gotten this far with the game. As someone who is also struggling with life being pain and creation being hard (im lazy af lol), it's really cool to see that you pushed through it and just put something out there, even if its only in pre-alpha. Like, the struggle is real and you did it anyway and I wanted to say I think thats awesome <3

Ahaha this is so cute! The placeholder screens seriously made me laugh- it was such a nice pick me up after a hard day. I'm a big fan of that "campy but also feelings" tone that this has going. 

I'm looking forward to future updates for sure!

I get giving someone the benefit of the doubt but people need to remember that this game has a kickstarter, specifically a kickstarter that people gave $11,553 to. People don't mind waiting, so long as there are updates, but damn does this ever look like another take the money and run situation. Probably from loss of interest or personal issues, but when your given over 10 grand to work on a project... Bruh literally just write a single word to your supporters.

WOW, how is it possible that you keep surpassing all my expectations? Such a rollercoaster of emotions that my roommate had to come by multiple times to ask what I was yelling about haha! I loved the farm interlude so much, getting to see the MC become more self sufficient and independent just made me giddy! Playing through your games is always such a treat, always consistently well written, dramatic, and in this case fluffy AF! Seriously though one of my favourite things about your games is that you make it so easy to love the MC as much as the other characters, the way her character comes out and flourishes is so unique and rewarding- something I don't see a lot of in a typical VNs. It took me a criminally long time to check back in with this series after Ran's Story, but I suppose that just means it'll feel like a shorter wait between instalments! Thank you so much for letting all of us enjoy your hard work!

Haha, what? They just released a new demo recently, and it says on the front page to expect release around December of this year. It takes awhile to make a visual novel, try and keep that in mind~

Initial concept, you have my interest. Notice it's by the maker of Aloners, I cannot purchase fast enough! What can I say, it's amazing just as expected! I just love the writing in this, especially for this character there's the perfect mix of humor, and stabbing my heart (in the best possible way). So excited for future updates on this project!!

Oh my GOSH! I'm a total sucker for anything fantasy/medieval so big ol' surprise, I'm completely in love with this demo! The characters are so well written and fleshed out in the short time they have, just wow, it's been awhile since I've been so immediately engrossed in a VN! I have to say, one of my favorite parts is how your not locked into a role, you can take your duties as seriously as you wish and it allows for so much imagination! I'm just so excited to see this project come to fruition and will be watching for ways to support it! Seriously, beautiful art, wonderful characters, amazing writing! Looking forward to future updates!