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Queen's Crown

A romantic, medieval-fantasy visual novel... · By Agashi

The Forum Still lives the Community is all but dead.... but then that begs the question... were is the creator?

A topic by MariaDarkchild created May 17, 2021 Views: 2,741 Replies: 12
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Hi everyone 

I know its been a long while since I last posted something here but on the side note of life any update on the creator for this game? 

Covid hit and is long and life moves on but its still good to hear from everyone how are you all doing?


There is no news about the author. Like, NONE. I still have hope but I have given up at the same time. And there are people like you and me that are still checking this out. I almost feel miserable... I don't give money at all on the Kickstarter so I'm okay, but I feel sorry for the people who lost their money and I'm not okay about that fact.

I'm doing okay, I guess. Don't really wanna talk about it ^^"


I totally feel bad for the backers on Kickstarter. It just seems like the author took the $11k and dipped 


$45 down the drain TT.TT


Kind of a scary mystery how Agashi just disappeared... 


The fact she just went MIA is the odd thing and its been 2 yrs now. 


Every so often I'll get that VN kick and remember this game existed and that the creator just ghosted her Kickstarter. Real shame, I can only assume something bad happened or they got too freaked out by the responsibility. Maybe they'll return some day and apologize but I doubt that- probably easier to pretend all of it didn't happen. 

I wonder if anyone has attempted to reach out to or Kickstarter themselves? It seems odd that the author can just take the money and there's no way to get it back if they decide to dip.


A lot of people have reached out to Kickstarter about this but as their policy goes, it's the donator's risk that the project may not be completed and if that person were to make another kickstarter, they wouldn't be able to. Not sure about itchio but most of us who still lurks here continue to do so just to annoy the creator if she ever comes back. At least I do to annoy the creator considering I did put $$ into that kickstarter -_-/


It's part of the Terms of Service if I'm not mistaken: when you back one you agree to the informed risk that the project might not be done. The backbone of patreon and kickstarter seem to be based on trust and faith alone. 
(I went to search about that for another project where I almost got cheated.)


Sigh, that's all I have to say. I check back on QC about once a year just in case.  Believe me, I have tried to forget

Welcome to the club.

How about finding other games from the same graphic designers? Do you know if they made others?