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Great game, by great game developer!

I really enjoy pixel art in Space Driver Ultra.

And if you want release it through Steam - write me =P

Still wait for comments like "fuu, bots" "fuuu fake comments" and "fuck you BadDoge" *0*

Great game!

DaveC, did you think about publish Area 52 in Steam?

Ough, thank you -.-, @Ollychel

(really, idk who are you and why you "revote)

If i get prize and Clickteam allow to write something about UWA exporter - i write big review about UWAE. =)

Twice thank you everybody here! ^0^

LOL I`M WINNER. This contest make my day ^-^ (and it seems horror-clicker can be good genre mix)

thanks everybody for vote and comments!

I promote game in my other games page and friend`s youtube channel. (in different time)

I don`t give keys/etc, i just write link and message like "Vote my game, i really need reviews about bugs, or your ideas".

Thanks for reviews, everybody, and thank you Stas, my girlfriend ^-^

Ugh, i too late :(

So, what's about winners? Doge wants to swear! :D

It is still active, so, can i submit game?

The Submit page is coming soon!

saying submit page.

Yo guys! :D

When month long will be started? Or Weirder Stuff it is month long contest? :(

After my last jam experience i want work in quality, and i can't make great game for 2 days..

If month long contest it is not weirder stuff, where i can enter jam?

Best regards!

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YEEAAHAHHHHHH, i will grab it and make my new game Ti Edam YlraeB I!

(Too much events, not bad)

Truthfully, that all actions (revote troubles) make contest much less fun than trouble with winners. =(

I try vote for different games, but big rating at the top of page still show zero.

I think jams it`s not platform for big contests. It`s functionality work only for small jams.

Thank you Clickteam! And i still promote my game =D

Maybe in next Contest you make more advance juding system?

Like that:

Players can vote, and most popular (on players) game get People`s Choice Award.

General prize will get game, what selected judges. Is it easy to do with curret jam systems. ^-^

P.S.Winners get steam copy of Clickteam or Clickstore copy?

It`s mean results will be overridden?

Or new contests will have new result system? -.-

oh, thanks. =)

Sorry for silly questions -.-

SENT IN - mean prize already sent? But i don`t get clickteam fusion developer / UWP exporter. Maybe i don`t understand something? xDD

Thank you for all!

Yeee, i sent my mailing adress and other cool information.

Do you get message by It`s my message! *0*

Thank you community and Clickteam!

You can`t stop your trash flow?

Sad, very sad.

Exactly. Why some individuals think what popularization of the game is a wrong action and not part of contest?

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Ghm, guy without entry envy? ^0^

Yes, too many votes mean i give my game link to my friends. They play protoype, say me about bugs and vote. -.-

I have too many friends. But you not my friend! =(

Steam key, please. I voted.

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Очень годный раннер на геймейкере, с использованием субфейсиков и перспыктив.

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