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Hey, thanks for playing and making a video, we really enjoy :D

Hey, thanks so much for the feedback! 

We had fun watching your video and we are happy to know that you enjoyed the experience!

Best luck to you too. Cheers!👏👍

It's a possibility 😂😂! We leave it open for interpretation...

Thanks for the message, I'm glad you liked it. 


I'm glad it reminds the classic Skull Kid.  xD

Very fun game, the art style is very good and the sounds of the game matched perfectly.

Nice! I liked the style of the game and the theme!

There was a point where I got stuck... I believe I didn't explode the barrel into a specific glass that would let me advance and I couldn't restart the level I was on, which made me have to start all over again.

Thanksss for playing...

I'm glad I managed to scare you. =D

Cool game! I liked the art style and the different formatting of the levels. 

The only thing I didn't like was when I entered the wrong hurricane and went back to the previous level and had to do it all over again... I could differentiate the hurricanes from one another.

Hey, nice! Thanks for the feedback! 😄👍

Don't know how to code yet.

Regarding the Windows Defender problem, I apologize for the problem, I will try to communicate with the engine company to see if they can help. But you can be carefree about viruses, it's just a false positive. I've been developing games with this engine for a few years now and I've never had any problems.

I sent a new zip file that separates the engine DLL from the game exe, based on the research I did, this is probably why the antivirus reported the false positive alert. Can you test this new zip please? Let me know if it works.

This is strange, I use an engine called clickteam fusion to create the game. I believe this is a false positive alert. I'll do some research to see if there's a way to resolve it.

Done :)

Great game! Different from most games in this Jam. 👏👊👊

Thanks so much for the feedback! 👏👊👊

Our feelings for this game are the same as you expressed and we decided to release it on Steam now in November with some achviements.

I really enjoyed the game. This DOOM style always appeals to me. Nice job!

I really enjoyed the game. This is a style that we don't see much and takes me back to the 90s. 👍👏👏

I liked the horror ambiance, the audio and the lighting. Nice Job!

I liked the horror ambiance and the work you did with the audio... Nice job!

You got the Exorcist reference! 😆

I'm glad you liked it. If you play again and have difficulty, take a look at the tips in the journal that should help you. Thanks for playing and rating. 👍👍

Thanks! 👏👏🎃

We are so glad we scared you! 🤣🤣

Thank you very much for the feedback. 👏

Thanks for always supporting us! 👏👊👊

No problem... Thanks anyway!

Hello @CobraLad! I'm developing a game and I need some portraits similar to what you did here for some characters. Do you have an email or social media so we can chat?


We have verified that this virus warning is a false positive, Windows Defender does not know our application and blocks it for security. You can temporarily disable windows defender and play it without any danger... Today we send the game to Microsoft to validate the file and remove this lock from windows, now just wait for their evaluation.

Thank you for your feedback

It happened on our computer too. It's Windows security, but we still can't understand why it happens.

It only has one speed, just like in the original Fall Guys game.

To start the game, just click on any keyboard button or click with the left mouse button on the screen

It's true... we ran out of time in the gamejam to improve these details, but as the game is very short, the difficulty give a little more gameplay.

Thanks for your feedback @AmongUsPro98.

we also couldn't finish the game (lol), but it has an ending...

Parabéns pelo jogo pessoal. Bom ver mais jogos brasileiros por aqui! Da uma conferida no nosso também (Fall Dies).... Um abraço e sucesso pra vocês! 🤜🤛

kkkkk Sinto muito :D

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kkkkk valeu por jogar ate o final.... espero que tenha se divertido... sei que tem uns bugzinhos pra corrigir, mas foi o que deu tempo kkk valeuu

@Puato, muito obrigado pelo feedback!

Realmente o jogo está com o Bug reportado de comprar os pássaros desbloqueados, agora esse outro bug do pássaro amarelo ainda não vi, mas vou testar hoje de noite. 

O jogo ficou com algumas falhas mas como nós trabalhamos menos de 24 horas no jogo, tivemos que entregar faltando alguns detalhes mesmo. Depois vamos atualizar com algumas correções. A ideia era ter itens pra automatizar e melhorar a gameplay, mas o que deu pra fazer foi o Moinho que já ajuda um pouco kkk.

Quanto ao preço do Ovo, realmente ficou um pouco alto mesmo, talvez pra uma GameJam a galera queira finalizar o game mais rápido e isso pode desanimar um pouco, mas se você achar o Easter Egg do monstro do Lago Ness que aparece eventualmente no rio e clicar nele, seu dinheiro dobra, então se você descobrir isso durante o game, pode ser usado com estratégia pra fechar ele mais rápido. :D

Agradeço novamente o feedback e logo vamos subir uma versão com melhorias!


Thanks for the feedback! @Steven Miller and @PowTom48

Great game. At first I thought it would be a game over trial and error, but I soon realized that the game was very well crafted and I was happy to go to the end! Congratulations!

Parabéns amigo MATERANO!

Boa sorte nessa jornada!

Att, Renato Souto Maior