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I'll just pretend that Bad End and Worst End never happened. Thank you for that wonderful experience! Haha

Got all the endings!

As wholesome as Happy End is, Bad End and Worst End live up to their titles!

I really enjoyed this one!

I think I caught a mistake though because after opening the 2nd door, I was also able to immediately unlock the 3rd door without the key. I only realized it when I was thinking what was the point of the crowbar haha still fun though, I like stories like these!

This was very enjoyable that I got all endings!

There were a few things though:

-Typos (the words: "onn", "hiss" and "teather")

-The music fading in and out is an immersion breaker for me

-The transitions are too slow and there's a lot of them

But aside from that, I really had fun with it! 

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Very interesting prologue! 

Are you European? i noticed I didn't see anyone from Asia haha 

A few things:

-I like how straight forward the prologue is but the player should have had more information about the main character. I didn't mind that the other characters had very short introductions.

-Lots of typos but still understandable

-The music fading in and out is an immersion breaker though

I hope to play more of this!

I didn't expect that I'd love all these characters a lot but hate the main lead, Kaito haha

Moriko's route felt more natural and cute

Aiya's route is probably the cutest but they didn't have chemistry

Hikari's route is cute but there was no confession at all? Haha

Anyway, it was still fun to play and I hope to see more from you!

This game is great! Take all the time you need! 

There's art now. It looks good!

Another fun game!

I did encounter the bugs that the others mentioned previously

I love how the battle is that like of Summon Night: Swordcraft Story

As usual, the final boss kicked my ass multiple times but it was very fun. I never did get a handle on when the final boss does the helicopter thing but still, very fun

Yup. That caught me off guard too when that happened.

I went in this game with no expectation but came out of it, laughing my ass off all throughout

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This is one of the scariest games i've played and the mystery reveal is magnificent! it reminds me a lot of "The flowers of evil" manga

there are a few typos and grammar mistakes though but it was still understandable

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I love your game! Everyone is so lovely, even though they kill me time and time again lol

It would be great if there was an option to mix the music and sound effects because sometimes the SFX would be too loud (like the door slamming) or the music too

There are also a few typos too

This is definitely the cutest and most wholesome VN I've ever played.

Everything from the illustrations, the character, the writing and music.

It just made me happy on the inside.

Although linear, the story told was enough to remind me that there is still something out there other than dark and edgy games.

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I love it so much.  Super creative.

Few things:

-Hawke has the most dialogue and "feels" like a person. The others just kind of say what they are.

-When I read through all the characters' FTEs in Chapter 1, they all say what they feel about the "game" and situation they're in. I never really got to know who these people are. I think the FTE dialogue would be better in the Prologue Chapter and have new dialogue for Chapter 1 FTEs that help us get to know these characters.

-I just realized how important sound effects are to convey what the characters are feeling. Just reading the dialogue, is just that. Reading the dialogue. Having sound effects help emphasize what the characters are feeling and saying 

-I like how creative when getting each of their alibis. Instead of having to place each characters on a room, just a simple portrait on the side is enough 

-Some parts that don't have music are kind of awkward.

-Very creative way to do the execution

I'm super excited for more of your game! - Played both Prologue and Chapter 1

I watched a few tutorials on how RenPy works and...

I imagine it takes a lot of effort and discipline (which I don't have lol) to program every dialogue, every narration, and then add in the character illustrations and reactions, and then background images.

My goodness, no wonder you were forced to rush it haha.

Great job and I'm excited to see more from you! 

Of all the Danganronpa fan games I've played, this is the best.

Playing this game from start to finish has been a wild ride. I love it. I became so attached to one character and it played with my feelings. It's amazing how you are able to make it in English even though it is not your first language. Great job!

Good game! I can't wait to play Chapter 1! 

Few things:

- I don't think I've seen a typo anywhere. Great job! 

- Character illustrations and backgrounds are great 

- The music fading in and out is an immersion breaker though

 - While editing the video, I noticed all of their dialogues seem the same. It doesn't have that unique thing, like accents, or how one person talks weird, always mentioning their hobby in their sentences. It's like one person talking to themselves. You won't be able to tell who's talking based on their dialogue alone, with an exception of a few, like the biker. Just a nitpick though.

Oh and #StopHikariBullying 


Good job with this one!

I love the writing and art

It seems everything is all planned out however, the game is lacking sound effects to emphasize what the characters are feeling and listening to the same music can get tiring

I thought I'd see the "mascot" however, it's a shame the demo ended early

Lu is adorable all throughout the game

Great game!